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One thought on “Motoko recreats Margaret Cho’s makeup

  1. Hi Motoko,

    Love the make up you did for Margaret Cho! She sure looks very sultry here.

    I hope you are still doing your Q&A because I wanted to ask you a sultry make up question!

    I’m pretty good at doing natural make up, but it’s the night look that I have more trouble with. I want to go for a more heavy, sexy look but can never quite manage it. My friends just go more heavy on the eyeliner but I have a problem where my eye seems to “eat” the eyeliner (i.e. it disappears…) or perhaps I’m just just not drawing it in thickly enough.

    I would also like smoky eyes… I don’t really know how to accomplish this or which products to use. The make up I bought looks perfect in the container, but the color doesn’t really show up on my eye.

    I am Asian but I have double fold eyelids. Thanks!

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