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Connecting Asian American Women to the World

Online Magazine and social network for Asian American Women

Asiance Magazine caters to the glamorous, aspirational, 18-34 year old, English-speaking generation Asian American women defying boundaries & upbringings while pursuing careers & ideals not initially deemed respectable by the Asian Community. Meet the women who are transforming their culture in a country that welcomes and inspires it!
  • The asiance woman pursues her passions while caring for others.
  • The asiance woman is honest, hard-working, intelligent and educated.
  • The asiance woman is proud of her culture and is eager to educate and inspire the American public of her heritage.
  • The asiance woman is open to other ethnicities of the cultural melting pot that is America.
  • The asiance woman upholds all her ideals and values with integrity and commitment while maintaining success and respect in her life choices.
  • The asiance woman likes nice things and treats herself well.
  • The asiance woman is informed and doesn’t take herself too seriously.
  • The asiance woman is Asian, of Asian descent or simply loves Asian culture.
Not only are Asian American Women transforming the American people and culture, but Asian influences are increasingly making their way across the Ocean and penetrating American style and culture, ultimately fusing a Modern America with an Asian Twist. We are positioning “asiance” as a global brand, meaning Asian influence on American culture.

Board of Advisors

Please contact us at staff@asiancemagazine.com for Board of Advisor information.  


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