Miss National Asia Queen Linda Phung

Linda Phung is the Queen of the first ever Miss National Asia Pageant which was held in San Francisco this past July. Bo...

10 26, 2006

LP: Hmong's Rising Hip Hop Artist

One of the most anticipated new solo artists in the Hmong community hits the music industry with fresh cutting edge lyri...

11 18, 2006

The Arthritis Crisis

In Chinese, there is an ancient saying "If there is free flow, there is no pain. If there is no free flow, there is pain...

10 27, 2006

Nelson Chan Hair Colorist to the Stars

A highly sought-after colorist by those who work in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes in film and televis...

10 27, 2006

"American's Got Talent" At Last

They’ve appeared in concerts with Boys II Men, Justin Timberlake, Ashanti, Destiny’s Child and other huge na...

10 28, 2006

Top Chef's Josie Smith-Malave

Our favorite show Top Chef is back for a second season and already it's easy to see more Asian influences making its way...

10 28, 2006

Eunnie and Min on the Streets of Manhattan

Photographer Steven Speliotis is at it again. His latest conquests are Min and Eunnie Cho. Steven strolls the streets of...

11 12, 2006

Luscious Lips for Life

The lip enhancement market has seen an incredible boom in the past year or two, with an ever-increasing number of produc...

10 27, 2006

Olympus Visionary Photographer Maki Kawakita - Behind the Camera

Click. Missy Elliot. Click. Makirama. Click. Beyonce. Click. Fashion Week. Click. Paris Hilton. Maki Kawakita, born and...

10 30, 2006

Curse of the Golden Flower

Has just been chosen as China's entry for Best Foreign Language Film for the upcoming Academy Awards.  We've jus...

10 31, 2006

Curse of the Golden Flower

Curse of the Golden Flower has just been chosen as China's entry for Best Foreign Language Film for the upcoming Academy...

10 31, 2006

Hilarious, I'm sorry! 

11 11, 2006

Camille Mana cast in "Smart People" starring Dennis Quaid

Camille Mana, formerly of UPN's One on One, booked a major feature film SMART PEOPLE produced by Michael London (Sid...

11 14, 2006

Giving Thanks

"I figured it out, but it took about one and a half hours to finish," read the note written by the attendance coordinato...

11 17, 2006

Ingredient for the Holidays: Okinawan Purple Sweet Potatoes

Memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for many, may mean rows of classic dishes from turkey stuffing and pumpkin...

11 02, 2006

Korean pop sensation SE7EN makes his US debut in The Big Apple

SE7EN is a highly successful singer in Korea. Like all other Asian singers trying to make their mark in the United State...

11 19, 2006


Right, yet another rant. This time, prepare for the inflammatory. Basically, I was griping/snarking/moaning to my good f...

11 24, 2006

What girls like about boys...

On my point of view, girls like guys by their appearence, sense of humor, their personality, their gentlemeness, their k...

11 24, 2006