Korean pop sensation SE7EN makes his US debut in The Big Apple

SE7EN is a highly successful singer in Korea. Like all other Asian singers trying to make their mark in the United States, SE7EN is hoping he will lead the "Asian Invasian". Asiance Interns Yona and K...

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Right, yet another rant. This time, prepare for the inflammatory. Basically, I was griping/snarking/moaning to my good friend Kit Meng about how Westernisation had so subverged our native indentities....

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What girls like about boys...

On my point of view, girls like guys by their appearence, sense of humor, their personality, their gentlemeness, their kindness, their manners, etc.. Im a christian girl, and growing up with girls wh...

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Gong Li photoshoot with Asiance

Check out some pictures of the photoshoot we did with Gong Li for The Curse of the Golden Flower with Asiance Magazine.  Her EXCLUSIVE interview is coming January 2007 edition.    

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A few pics from Gong Li photoshoot

Gong Li does photoshoot with Asiance Magazine promoting The Curse of the Golden Flower. Check out my profile for some pictures.   

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Gong Li in Memoirs of a Geisha

My favorite role in which Gong Li played Hatsumomo in Memoirs of a Geisha.

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THE PLAYER: Victoria Recano

Victoria Recaño is a Two-time Emmy award winner and magna cum laude graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications and has been in the public eye si...

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Anand Jon Celebrity Fashion Designer

He was included in Newsweek's List of "Power & Influence" bringing East and West together (March 2004) and was selected as one of "India's 50 Most Beautiful"(2005-06) and on the "Sexiest South Asians...

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A Tale of Domestic Abuse in China

It’s hard not to stare. Xia Hongyu, a petite young woman from rural Hubei province, wears a gauze eye patch on her right eye that awkwardly covers nearly half of her face. It is affixed with med...

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How Do I Clean My Silver Jewelry?

One of the most common questions that our customers ask is, “How do I clean my silver jewelry?” There is an easy and natural way to clean all your jewelry in one fell swoop. Tina Tang...

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Dry skin survival - “ what to look for in a moisturizer

Browsing the aisles at any beauty retailer or drug store, you would think that dry skin problems have long been extinct. Rows and rows of moisturizers that promise to relieve dry skin. And yet, dry...

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Getting "RAW" with Anthai da Protagonist

With a growing fan base, having worked with a few, big talents in the music industry, and just doing what he loves, 28-year-old Hieu Thai (a.k.a. Anthai da Protagonist) of the Orange County based rap...

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Negging a girl

Argyle sweater man is standing on the corner of the bar with two of his friends. My friend Ellie spots him like an eagle spots its prey and begins making eye contact. They don't budge. Time for pla...

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Anna Wong - Celebrity Fitness Trainer

As one of the most sought-after personal fitness trainers out of Vancouver, BC, people wonder what Anna Wong's secret is in creating incredible results. From corporate titans to Hollywood movie stars...

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Hottest New York City Asian Restaurants with recipes, exlusively for Asiance readers

Is Asian cuisine, literally, the hot food of the moment? In a trendsetting mecca known as New York City, where thousands of restaurants open and close in a New York minute, Asian fusion has been reig...

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