Metgala draws Chinese fashion bloggers' criticism
May 10, 2015 0

Metgala draws Chinese fashion bloggers' criticism

Maybe the gala would have been taken a bit more serious if the Kardashians weren't on the guest list! LOL! The theme was "China: Through The Looking Glass". But to Chinese fashion bloggers some of the A-list women who attended the gala at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art were barely dressed and most simply missed the event's theme. Most of the gowns worn on Monday night by models, actresses and other notables had nothing to do with the event's theme or barely connected with it or China's artistic influence on the West, they wrote on China's social media. Thomas Ye, better known as Gogoboi, used Weibo, China's biggest social media platform, to criticize the "barely-there" Roberto Cavalli gown worn by Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry's low-cut Moschino gown and Madonna's off-the-shoulder gown and cape. Sarah Jessica Parker's massive flame-flanked headdress with red tassels was reminiscent of the crown on Fuwa, the mascot for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and the dress that Jennifer Lawrence wore was like a bellyband torn apart, wrote Ye, one of the most influential fashion bloggers in China. To manage a red carpet appearance requires more than a beautiful face, stunning shape and refined taste, knowledge and education are just as important, wrote Ye. Source

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