Alexis Chang in The Motel
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Alexis Chang in The Motel

Alexis Chang is 8 years old and already a veteran actress. At age 6, Alexis made her acting debut on “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”. In The Motel, Ms. Chang plays Katie Chin, the daughter of Jade Wu’s character, Ahma, in her first feature film. Alexis has a bright future and spoke to Asiance on her excitement of The Motel, her extracurricular activities and her acting abilities.


Jade is kind of like my mother, except my mom doesn’t spank me.

Alexis Chang


ASIANCE: When did you know you wanted to get into acting?

Alexis: Ever since I was five I liked to watch TV and I wanted to be on TV.



ASIANCE: Who is your favorite actress?

Alexis: I like Lindsay Lohan. I think she’s a really good actress and she makes everything so real as if it really happened. I like Brenda Song.


ASIANCE: Was it hard to play Katie?

Alexis: It wasn’t that hard because I have a little brother and he’s really annoying and he acted like him.


ASIANCE: Did you get along with Jeffrey?

Alexis: Yeah he was very nice. He never did a feature film, like me, so we got along well.


ASIANCE: How did you like working with Jade and Samantha?

Alexis: Jade is kind of like my mother, except my mom doesn’t spank me. I never really saw Samantha on the set.


ASIANCE: Do you like how the entire film turned out?

Alexis: I wasn’t really allowed to see it.


ASIANCE: What did you like most about working on the film?

Alexis: Everyone was really nice. There were a couple fun scenes. Michael, the director was really nice to me. He helped me with the film.


ASIANCE: Is anything hard for you when you act?

Alexis: No because I can just do it again and no one will get mad at me.


ASIANCE: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Alexis: Professional soccer player and a TV reporter.


ASIANCE: Are you going to continue acting?

Alexis: Oh yeah I’ll do that on the side because I think it will help me.


ASIANCE: What other hobbies do you like?

Alexis: I play gymnastics and lacrosse.


ASIANCE: I hear you are a great gymnast. Do you want to go to the Olympics?

Alexis: That would be really nice.


ASIANCE: Do you have any favorite Asian American actresses?

Alexis: I like Brenda Song. I never see a lot of Asian actors in films.



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  1. vincent's Avatar
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    I thought it was wonderful to interview this young actress. Her comments were very candid, direct and fun. I was particularly amused by the fact that she wasn't allowed to watch the film. What I hoped for were more questions in correspondence to her responses, meaning some follow up questions like in an actual conversation, not just cut and copy, answer and question format. Thanks for making this interview available. Also, are the interviews to the other women of The Motel available online?

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