Asian Female Fetish Syndrome
August 29, 2006 121

Asian Female Fetish Syndrome

Every other couple I pass in SoHo is a White male and Asian female combination. According to a not so recent but relevant Census Bureau statistic, Asian females are twice as likely to marry a White male than Asian males are to marry a White female. Every other couple I pass in SoHo is a White male and Asian female combination. According to a not so recent but relevant Census Bureau statistic, Asian females are twice as likely to marry a White male than Asian males are to marry a White female. They are the "it" couple that receives more rants on Craigslists than any other interracially dating couple. And while I have nothing personally against it, there is something about this particular phenomenon that has driven me nuts.

Everything would be fine and dandy for a few weeks, and then he'll whisper in my ear, "I've always wondered how'd it be to f*** an Asian girl."

Sandra Fay

I call it the "Asian Female Fetish Syndrome". It is the desire for me or any other Asian woman simply because we are Asian. It is more commonly found in White men than other races.



Symptoms include:



  • The man who proudly gloats, "I've dated Asian women before." (Now if only this were a job interview instead of a date--I'd be impressed.)
  • The man who professes his love for Chinese food when I mention I'm Chinese.
  • The man who attempts to speak Asian (That is--Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or a jumble of the three) to me.
  • The man who refers to me as Oriental - ”period. I pickup the word "oriental" like a radar detects missiles, especially when it is not used in reference to rugs and chinaware. It conjures an image of the china doll and me no love you long time (tee-hee).

I have no doubt that there are many happy white male and Asian female couples out there, including my sister and her boyfriend, who are very much in love. But for the majority of what I have experienced, it is quite a different story.

"Do you girls really have the tightest pussy?"

My jaw dropped to the floor when a man seriously asked me that question. It's as if all engagements of proper behavior are thrown out the window. The form of this question varies, but it will always allude to the hypersexual and erotic imagery of me.

Sometimes, it's a statement.

"You oriental girls are kinky."

I grind my teeth underneath a fake smile as I walk away.

Unfortunately, these are the lines that are often used to hit on me. Sad to say, but these are also the lines that have made the walls slightly higher for guys to date me who are not of Asian decent.

Weeding out the men who have A.F.F.S. can be a tricky thing. Everything would be fine and dandy for a few weeks, and then he'll whisper in my ear, "I've always wondered how'd it be to f*** an Asian girl."

I need a stronger weed killer.

I never thought of myself as one who actually had racial preferences as I have dated outside the boundaries many times over but looking back at my dating history, I realize that all my serious relationships have been with Asian men. Coincidence? I think not.

A.F.F.S is non-existent when I'm dating them. I'm not saying an Asian guy will not have fetishes, but I would be rest assured he would not proclaim his love for Chinese food in the middle of dinner.

Frankly, it makes it that much easier not to deal with it. I don't believe in making things more complicated then it has to be. This also goes for long distance relationships and smokers. It's not that I would not deal with it - ”I'm just saying I wouldn't go out of my way to do so. There's a difference.

However, if I do marry the meatloaf-loving-former-boy-scout-who-can't-jump, then so be it. Let me reiterate, stereotypes are not cool.

Sandra Fay is twenty something living and dating in New York City. To learn more about her visit her MyAsiance page at

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  1. Miguel's Avatar
    September 09, 2006 Reply
    oh no, the secrets are out, as you know were in the Web 2.0 era and with this great info here comes white 2.0 hahhaha im funny.. damn.. 2+5? ....
  2. nicole's Avatar
    September 09, 2006 Reply
    that thought always crosses my mind whenever i see an asian woman with a white guy (does he have an asian fetish?!?)
  3. GUODAN's Avatar
    September 09, 2006 Reply
  4. dhalia's Avatar
    September 09, 2006 Reply
    I think asian women have a fetish, fascination, or preoccupation for white men as much as white men have for asian women. rarely do you see asian women dating or marrying latin and especially black men. Judging from the personal essays, statistics, and personal observations this preoccupation goes both ways. asian women who are in interracial relationships with white men aren't solely the "victims" of the white male's asian fetish.
  5. Allison's Avatar
    September 09, 2006 Reply
    This reads like a column rather than journalism... Nope, more like a blog. Is it? Maybe I'm mistaken.. sorry in advance if that is the case. I was merely hoping to read something a little more substantial. Where are the interviews/quotes, some stats and theories? What's the other point of view? (Geez... Maybe there are girls that play on it,... And what does that mean! :P ) I didn't feel I learnt anything new from could have dug a little deeper.
  6. Gary's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    Perhaps I am calling the kettle black as I myself have an Asian girlfriend but i agree with you, a lot of men have this fetish that what they see in porn is somehow representative of the entire culture. I have a Japanese girlfriend whom I love, not because she is Asian but because she is a beautiful woman, we are both atheists, she teaches violin and I love classical music, and she is the kindest person I have ever met. I could go on but I don't want to make anyone jealous. :) Perverts are everywhere and not just go after Asians. One instance out of boredom I logged into a yahoo chat room and without anyone even knowing I was a male introduced themselves in ways, well that I would call less than gentlemanly and then upon discovering I was not a female became increasingly hateful toward me. I think it has as much to do with a sort of dumbing down of society as much as it is with stereotyping.
  7. Ryan's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    There is no doubt that all of the comments you relate in your story are ridiculously out of line and inappropriate, but any attempt to draw all men who like asian girls ask equally fetishized and inappropriate is rather silly. Almost all people all over the world enjoy sexual preferences of all kinds, and that in and of it self means nothing of the individual persons character or morality. Qualifying your attack by saying your sister has a white boyfriend sounds about as hollow a balancing act as saying "I have black friends but..." People would be much more willing to accept your hypothesis if you could back it up with anything more substantial than your own personal indignation over the anecdotal racist and sexist attacks you suffered at the hands of some thoughtless individuals. If this is what passes for "Journalism" 'round here, then the editors must be *starving* for content.
  8. yaknow's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    I think this is a well documented phenomenon. I think it goes beyond what a previous post refers to as a simple "preference", but is actually an objectification of a certain race of women/men... actually a reduction of them to a two-dimensional stereotype. Just because you don't perceive it as "negative" (you LIKE them, right?). You run the risk of denying their individuality. And that can't be positive. Now, this is a subject I see brought up a lot, deservedly so, but there are a couple of other important questions to ask: Why do so many Asian women date white guys who obviously only like them for their ethnicity? Why don't more White or Black women date Asian guys? -y
  9. K's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    Where I come from, we call the syndrome Yellow Fever. It is well-documented in my area. However, I have never been faced with the kind of remarks that guys have made around you. Of course, I get hit on by white guys a lot, some of whom proudly proclaim that they "prefer Asians." I was always confused by that, so I got some balls and asked them straight out, "What is it that makes us so attractive?" It's always a mixed bag with each guy, but the ones I hear the most are a.) we are much "cuter" than the average white girl, b.) we're much more mild-mannered, and c.) we're more intelligent. Although all three of them can be questioned as a general statement regarding all Asian women, at least they're not things like, "Your pussy is tighter than other women." Jeez. Stereotypes are everywhere. It is less common for white women to date Asian guys, because, know what they say about Asian guys. Of course, the opposite can be said for black guys. Will this ever change? Probably not, but in the end, no one means any real harm by it.
  10. Ron's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    This sounds like the rant of a 15 year old, "prepubescent" teen. Can you please send the name of the person who gave you a job...I am thinking of a career change and this seems to be a pretty easy and amusing gig. (Enjoy your advantage while it lasts. I know numerous people who would die to have an advantage based only on their natural features.)
  11. Stakhanov's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    Again, might be another pot calling the kettle black, but I am also dating a Japanese girl (have lived together for 4 years), and i agree with a lot of what you have said. I get sick of people finding out she's Japanese and people acting like that is something that puts her above and beyond every other race of woman (because she is Asian, and there is a stereotype that comes with that, which at least in my case, is nowhere near accurate), it is almost racist in a way. It pisses me off primarily, because there are good things and bad things about dating an Asian girl, or anyone of a different cultural/ethnic background. No more no less than any other couple. I also have never actively sought out to date a woman of a specific race. i have always liked brunettes, yet most of the women i have dated in my life have been blonde haired and blue eyed . Now as to speaking Asian languages etc, I really don't get you there. i study Japanese, it is my minor in University and I am fairly proficient in it (JLPT 2). I speak Japanese because it is the only way I can communicate with her family, and I have always wanted to study it as a language. i also tend to speak Japanese with Japanese women/men if we are talking. Also I see nothing wrong with taking an active interest in your better half's culture, and vice-versa. I don't take offense when an Asian girl speaks a western language to me, so I don't know why it would be the other way around. Perhaps that is a sensitive issue, since my BA etc is in East Asian International Relations, I am studying languages and cultures for a career. But I have found that there are many Asians that are snobby about their languages, and don't like it when anyone other than another Asian attempts to speak it. Primary example of many taking an English name when coming to an English speaking country because, to quote the most common response, "North Americans can't pronounce our names". True as it may be, if the situations were reversed i would be jeered for trying to be a wannabe Asian, by referring to myself as "Hiroshi".
  12. Pierre's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    I am an American of Filipino descent who joined the Marines to fight for my country. I have had some wacked out questions coming from non-Asian Marines. Who ever thought that I would have to deal with this ignorance? Being that we are a tight-knit group, it's possible they all wanted to know about the girls I've messed around with and were finally in an environment that you could truly be honest without the PC police arresting you. At the most, it would a pit session but come on, over girls? yeah right, this is the Marines we're talking about. Here's what I've experienced: ---from an older Marine as I was checking into my first duty station----MSgt: "Oh, you're Filipino? That's cool. I've been to Subic. Those Filipina girls are fun. Too bad the base closed." ---from a younger Marine under my charge going through college, "Well, I heard that Korean chics are the wildest. They got bigger boobs than Japanese girls, too. ---from a Marine that would be one of my barkada (posse) as we painted the town red: "You take the blonde chic this time, I kinda like that Oriental chic". ---In every situation, it felt like it was common word fodder to speak on why Asian girls were so cute yet so easy. But then again, ANY girl was up for scrutiny from us A-holes concerning her body and her mental state of mind. I remember asking questions about black girls since I've never had a relationship with one and getting some honest answers. And this is in response to a question that would truly not be kosher in this PC-America to say. Did those black Marines feel offense as I talked about black women in such a vulgar manner? I didn't get that impression at all. ---Being a Filipino male, I used to take offense as I came from the school of thought prevalent among second-gens that held our Asian girl peers to a higher standard than non-Asians. We thought they were not like American girls who would be seen as easy. No, we thought of Asian girls as being Madonnas, not whores. Yet we still wanted to be the first ones to take it from them. We would feel insanely jealous of anyone that tried to mess with our notion of the beautiful Asian girl waiting to hand her orchid to me. Now I do not take offense. I realized that Asian girls are responsible for their own image. If they do not want to be seen as sluts , then they shouldn't ascribe to it. Unfortunately, Asian girls I know don't really stick up for themselves because of their self-image. They'll just "go with the flow" and not care that their bf's give them pet names alluding to their accepted sexual submissiveness. I have yet to see qualities emanate from an influential asian woman here in America that I would agree with save for one, my wifey. I like the ones that see value their own perspective and challenge new ways of thinking that would no doubt come into their lives through the people they meet, including me. Unfortunately, MOST other Asian girls in America are just like the rest of girls in America: low self-esteem, emotionally unstable(opportunity for guys), always wanting to be judged on their sexuality as long as it from a welcome source, and addicted to drugs that lower inhibition so they have an excuse to do some really sexual stuff the night before without feeling bad about it.
  13. Claude Erskine-Brown's Avatar
    Claude Erskine-Brown
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    Although I think the author's revelation is minor league at best, I still have to question Ron's role in this racial soap opera. One Asian woman out of millions is open to expressing herself in terms of her experience with the White male sect, and Ron's script seems to read that the author is committing some sort of dating genocide. I have this strange feeling that if the author went on a rant as to why she would of preferred White men over Asian men, Ron's role would read that of a spin doctor.
  14. Claude Erskine-Brown's Avatar
    Claude Erskine-Brown
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    I can't believe what K said. In regards to what the stereo-type is said about Asian men; no harm meant? As a White male (and just in case of any misunderstandings, straight male), I take offense to her casual remark. There's an interesting phenomenon. A stereo-type was at some point developed about the Asian man. From it's conception, it was meant as not only an insult, but something to create a social down casting. However, the crafty White man twisted things to cater to his fetish by proclaiming a similar stereotype of Asian women; except proclaiming it a positive. So consequently, a large White man who is in proper proportion to a large White woman, but likes tiny Asian women, will claim White women are too big (or supposedly too fat) for him. And, ironically, somehow claims his largeness is more sexually compliant with petite Asian women. So the rules of the 'supposed' "White Standard Of Beauty" needed to somehow be twisted to match his racial preference (or fetish), by eliminating the White woman, and thus incorporating the Asian woman.
  15. Revanue's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    Well, I am Thai. I kinda understand my country and other country in asia reputation(excuse my english because I am not confidence with my second lang.). Let me share you my view from my own country.I think the reason why white males like to date asian chics 'coz (we all know) most of asian people thought and yet still think that white people is richer. Some asian might take offense in that but it is the very common fact that we do think that way. Asian girls is pretty easy, some of them is just like...they see white face then they ok! Everybody likes easy thing. A lot of white males come to asia some for travel some for better chance in life and yes, some for girls. There are a lot of good white male out there who works so hard for the better and there are some perverts who just fools around with any easy asian chick that curious enough to willing to open they skinny little legs for their thing. Numerous of them that high educated and self-value, but as you know the bad is wild-spread than the good. "are you asian really have the p...y that tight?" I have heard that myself but you can't blame those whom asked. Have you ever think that because of how we are to them that makes they ask such a question? silly article indeed
  16. Blake's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    I am from Breathitt county Kentucky and never seen no asian girl.I dont think any of these things live in beloved Kentucky They probably from up North or in the cities.this fenominin aint happening in my holler.Get it?well Im curius si I looked at pictures on the internet which is new to my holler,just got letricity and asian girls look like some of the hillfolk down here but a little diffrnet.the whole idea im makin is the general store down here just got hooked up to the mainstreem media circuit and some weird new magazines come down here and had articles about asian girl si i said i never heard a this so I found that fancy internet terminal up by the truckstop on the highway that ripped our hills apart and i study these asian girls si im starting to wonder and spend days on this , now I come to this site and see all this confusion about white theres many type of white men out there and i never knew no white boys who caed if a certain type of girls snach bee too tight, so please dont genralize.I sense lotta hate here suroundin this issue but like i say everybodt diffrnet see what i say i knoe some good ol boy nickname be copperhead one mean phukr.i think copperhead lyin when he told me he saw an asian girl one day up by the highway ,but he said she was fresh as heaven and smelles like a spring breez from flower mountain.he said she had hair like a mink and a voice like beutiful songbird. he told me more but thats aside the issue.he took her in for awhile he said but i still think hes fibbin.but if he tell the truth she did favour him and copperhead aint got money to his name so if this is true dont genraliz why who likes who.dont think in to the issue too deep,youll never know all the complexitees involved with all the peoples of the world so dont prejudge like sandra fay .none the folks in Breathitt county would prejuge like this so i guess im happy i wasnt raised in the bigger world where everbodys nit pickin about what type of person has what type of traits as a whole ,like white boys all wanna know if yer snack be tight.the thing that serprize me is no one answered sandra fays question yet because this will add the only factual data in this debate of opinyins.chill out in just kiddin about that because some of yall folks gotta drip out. and dont rip on my spellin cuz up till now i aint had no reason to learn spellin.i didnt go to school past elementry because i had to provide for my family because papa was killed in the coal mines and i had to go out huntin for food and aint a refleksion of my genious .get it?I will give you my inteleckt in this statement; "by readin the precedin debate of this forum I can tell you the vast magority of you are confused into genralizin that wa wa wa all white boys want to know this or all them have money or all asian girls know.guess you havnt been in breathitt county, and if you come in talkin like that ,for your life you better not enter breathitt county, and know there are thousands of 'breathitt counties' in Kentucky and worldwide so lay of your prejudice"know that if copperhead saw asian girl for real he didnt ask her the million dollar question, and for that fact no breathitt county boy would so maybe you hangin out in freaktown too much.maybe if that bothered you so much stay out of the freaky areas you frequent
  17. ultima's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
  18. ultima's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
  19. ultima's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
  20. Kiki's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    I hate it when people think that my boyfriend is some white boy dating an Asain girl. Everyone automaticaly thinks he's all white because of his skin color, and people think I'm some stupid Asian girl who only likes white guys because I'm racist towards guys of my own race. The truth is is that I'm open to anyone who is a polite, honest, and a compassionate guy. I've met a million guys of different races and guys who were Asian, and none of them were my type. It wasn't because of thier race, it was just because they were plain jerks. I HATE being stereotyped!
  21. BillJoe's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    FOR THE REST OF YOU WHITE (SLAVE MINDED) MALES WHO DATE OUTSIDE OF YOUR RACE BECAUSE YOU FEEL YOU GET SOMEONE (DESPARATE DARK) WHITE SEEKER WHO IS OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE, STOP IT. ALL OF YOU STOP THIS DYSFUNCTIONAL NONSENSE. KEEP THE BLOODLINES PURE. NOT MIXING OF RACES. ITS NOT GOOD FOR ANYONE. NO ONE SHOULD GET A LEG UP FOR THE RACE TRADE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS FOR ALL YOU MEN WHO WANT TRUE BEAUTY, GO FOR RARITY.... GREEN EYES OCCUR IN WOMEN 5% OR LESS OF TIME. LIGHT SKIN IS ALSO RARE, SO IS LIGHT HAIR. THE RARE SOMETHING IS THE MORE VALUABLE AND LESS ACCESSIBLE, RIGHT? THE COLOR OF COMMONALITY IS BROWN. 80 OR MORE OF THE WORLD HAS THE TRIPLE BROWN LOOK........ THE LOOK OF COMMONALITY. LOOK BEYOND THE NOVELTY OF ASIAN WOMEN, THEY ARE THE MOST PLENTIFUL ON THE PLANET, JUST BECAUSE THERE ARE FEW HERE DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE SPECIAL. THEY ARE NOT RARE. IF YOU DECIDE TO LOOK FOR FORIEGN WOMEN LOOK FOR THOSE WITH OUTSTANDING QUALITIES, NOT NAIL TECHS WITH COMMON BROWN FEATURE OF THE LARGEST RACE ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!! Ultima, you sound like a desperate person ( may be you are desperate white fat woman ) who seems like having a hard time to get hooked up with men. All thoses bloodline bid is sound ridiculous. Lost some weight and get on date girl, you will feel better!! Your statement is way too strong against those asian girl. Asian girl they are natural cute, the way they have they traditioan and culture stuffs is make they calm and peace, not like some withe chic (like you) who seems to be so rude and loundy. Are you try to say that you are outstanding?? lol Yes, you are ultima... no one like you. In case of if you just woke up from the iron age, this is 2007 ( ohly s hi t!)People are more open, they are not pro-white ( may be that's why you can't find anyone to date with)c'mon girl you got to admit that asian they are more calm and men, they love to be with person who is calm and reasonable, not a crazy maniac or a cutie queen!!
  22. Vladdy's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    ultima,everything changes and the world is in flux so worrying about racial preservation is not worth it. it is trivial compared to the great world of enlightenment and universal goodness.white is good and so is asian.when white and asian mix the offspring is good this you can not deny. eurasian children are only a blessing to this earth and that is it.actually everybody is beutiful and innately good and worthy or God/or nature depending on your veiw would not have allowed them to have fertile offsrping together and the one thing you can not deny is nature,it is the true judge of what is right if anything can be right ,everything else is is that selfish thinking that there is a superior race/type that has led to all the bloody hellish wars of history and the present and future.if man is to ascend above this apelike chaos we must stop this way of thinking.the next time you see a eurasian child look at the beutiful loving being and if you cant tell yourself he/she is right and equal to you ,you can then know that you are evil .if your ok with yourself as an evil hateful being then good for you
  23. Edward's Avatar
    September 09, 2007 Reply
    Frankly, this type of rant always pisses me off. I, as a white guy, have a preference for asian girls for a number of reasons - one of which is because I simply find asian women to be the most attractive women by far. I might even know a little about the culture or language and show it off to impress a girl - what the hell is wrong with that exactly? I'm not supposed to learn a little korean or japanese to impress a korean/japanese girl because it's a fetish? Utterly ridiculous. I realize there's a bunch of nasty creeps out there asking you if you have a 'sideways vag', but please *forgive* me for noticing YOU out of a room full of non-asian women because I think you're stunningly beautiful. It sucks ass to think that every asian girl I have interest in is going to filter me through this "asian fetish" crap that is being spewed - mostly by jealous white women and asina men. /rolleyes
  24. crazy_ghandi's Avatar
    September 09, 2007 Reply
    Why would Asian women complain about Americans guys having Asian fetishes? We Asian men can only wish that American women would give us the same sexual respect. Someone people are just ungrateful. There are many people who are in much worse position than Asian women. Think about it: Would you rather be the Asian girl who gets a lot of sexual attention or the Asian guy who gets none?
  25. Theresa  's Avatar
    September 09, 2007 Reply
    After reading the article and some of the comments on the forum I have come to my own conclusion that A.F.F.S. is definitley prevailent in our society. I do believe that we have to recognize and make a division between ignorant white men and white men who have genuine feelings for an asian sister. How do we make this divison? We cannot punish all white men or accuse them with A.F.F.S. because they are dating an asian woman.
  26. Claude Erskine-Brown's Avatar
    Claude Erskine-Brown
    September 09, 2007 Reply
    Your comments seem to shift the blame to the extent that it's unclear as to who or what "pisses you off". First off, I find it interesting that when one Asian woman tells her viewpoint by her personal experience, that doesn't work in favor with White males, she often becomes targeted as a racist. You then shift the blame on White women and Asian males as if they're the cause or influence. When an Asian woman prefers White males only, then she's considered an independent free-thinker. When she reveals bad experiences via "Asian fetishism", then supposedly she's victimized by the 'Evil-Jealous White Woman', and/or the Asian male. The author's opinions expressed seem to be from her own mind, and based on her experience. Secondly, I doubt very seriously that you experience any real backlash in dating Asian females outside of internet discussion forums and blogs. As far as the Asian males that you roll your eyes at, realistically, they handle the situation incredibly well. Both in the U.S. and abroad. If the situation reversed, and the White male was reduced to low-status on the dating pole, I'm sure we wouldn't handle it nearly as well. I think then you would really be rolling your eyes! To some things up Edward; I think your mind is stuck in the early European Colonial era.
  27. Georgia's Avatar
    September 09, 2007 Reply
    Once, I was chatting with this guy...and okay, you know how some people say they are asking things for a friend of a friend, but really, the friend of a friend in question is themselves? At first, it seemed like he was just interested in Chinese culture, and then, I find his story where a Chinese girl is the one hitting on him repeatedly, obnoxious, his stories are quirky and funny, but that one was obnoxious. Then, one chat, out of nowhere, he mentions that a friend of his likes Asian women because they are supposed to be tight. When I pointed out how creepy it was, he said he thinks it was creepy too...but he said it after I told him it was creepy, and of course, I couldn't see his face over the Internet, nor would I ever want to now. The next time some white guy walks up to me and start speaking an Asian language, I"m going to say slowly, in English, "You, need translator?", the last time was several weeks ago, and I only gave that guy a weird look for mangling Mandarin, and it was at night, while I was waiting for the bus too! Re: Ryan's comment, reminds me of that South Park episode, With Apologies to Jesse Jackson, in which white people defend their use of the N-word, citing how they have been discriminated against for the use of it, like black people have been oppressed... The article made clear what is creepy, and that the author did date white men, only to her dismay, to find some of the white men in question, reveal the fetish they have concealed, after the relationship have started. Ron is most likely, a bitter predator who is angry at having his predatory behaviour called on. I have had men, who, approached me with charms, but after I expressed my lack of interest, even with the simple "I'm not interested", suddenly turn nasty; "uppity bitch!" I think the phrase is "sour grapes"! - Georgia Lam
  28. Mercurial Georgia's Avatar
    Mercurial Georgia
    September 09, 2007 Reply
    <br>crazy_ghandi said "Why would Asian women complain about Americans guys having Asian fetishes? We Asian men can only wish that American women would give us the same sexual respect. Someone people are just ungrateful. There are many people who are in much worse position than Asian women. Think about it: Would you rather be the Asian girl who gets a lot of sexual attention or the Asian guy who gets none?" ********* It's like this, if I'm in your place, and I can't get laid, I'll go out and get a vibrator, it's great, or the vibrating ring, since you are a guy. Loneliness is bad, but there are worse things. <br> Unwanted sexual attention at its extreme? Rape. I couldn't watch Metropia after that one episode where it happened. If you have to chose, crazy_ghandi, between the two extremes, not being wanted by anyone, or being wanted by everyone, which will you go with? Keeping in mind that everyone would include some psycho rapist. Go with the option of least harm! <br> ------------------------------------------------------------ <br>The More Loving One <br>Looking up at the stars, I know quite well <br>That, for all they care, I can go to hell, <br>But on earth indifference is the least <br>We have to dread from man or beast. <br>How should we like it were stars to burn <br>With a passion for us we could not return? <br>If equal affection cannot be, <br>Let the more loving one be me. <br>Admirer as I think I am <br>Of stars that do not give a damn, <br>I cannot, now I see them, say <br>I missed one terribly all day. <br>Were all stars to disappear or die, <br>I should learn to look at an empty sky <br>And feel its total dark sublime, <br>Though this might take me a little time. <br> -- W. H. Auden, 1957 ------------------------------------------------------------ <br>AF/WM relationships outnumber WW/AM...and there is no reason why it must be equal. For one thing, in addition to Asian Males being very different from Asian Females, different roles in society, North American WW is also very different from North American, different roles again. Men and women are raised in different cultures to expect different things, and this affects their want, either they follow or they REBEL, it affects them. ********* Take the relationship between whites and blacks for example. Historically, men oppress women, whites oppress black. White men raped black women with impunity, while black man who are with white woman are lynched, and the white woman is seen as defiled. In this context, lasting to this day, there will be black women who will feel uncomfortable with white men. From back then, to this day, there are white women who feel solidarity with black men because they were both oppressed by white men. <br> People love people, but context does influence us, my culture is not the sum of who I am, hardly, but it is a /framework/ that affects the way I think, for me to follow or rebel. <br> Historically, in addition to being oppressed by white men, black women were oppressed by black men the way white men oppressed white women, since they were black and female, they have the misfortune of being the victim of double oppression. So in this context, I can see why some black women would be drawn to Asian men, who have been absent from the historical oppression scenario. The way some Asian women prefers white men over Asian men, because white men having been historically there to oppress them for being women, if only because for the most part they were too busy oppressing 'their own women'. <br> That's my cynical look at the grand scale of things, people does love people for lovable reason, but some might have a higher chance of getting together due to context that have excluded others first...and it's not always about liking the other less. I'm attracted to black women, but not black men It's partly because I feel more solidarity with black women, in terms of being historically oppressed by our own men, and receiving unwanted sexual attention from white men who feels /entitled/ to them. <br>It's also because I just find the way /some/ black women looks, attractive. I like women with strong waists. African women comes in all shapes and sizes, some of them are tall and lean, some of them are more shapely, it's just more likely for me to find a shapely woman who is African in descent, as opposed to white or Asian. On TV, with the exception of shows like Xena, everyone else mostly look like they'll wear out their heart if they try to go above jogging. Even the women on Xena, within context, should have been more muscular than prime time TV would allow... <br>I find Arab men attractive, but not Arab women. I like how Arab men, the ones who are pretty yin, are pretty, but distinctively male, yang. It's also a result of culture, Alexander Siddig said, that there aren't many Arab actress because some consider it a religious taboo, therefore, Arab women gets less exposure. In the media, Arab men are shown as terrorists, but they get progressive roles as well, see, Alexander Siddig, and before the terrorist thing, they have long been in Hollywood movies, even if the type of marginalization were different, they were there. Images of Arab women in the North American media? Victims. Since discovering Al Jazeera English though, I do find the strong voiced female reporters attractive. <br>- Georgia Lam
  29. Roy's Avatar
    October 10, 2007 Reply
    Asian women indulge in their fantasies with white men and then bitch when it's returned? You made your bed, not sleep in it.
  30. Deiter Bloodstein's Avatar
    Deiter Bloodstein
    October 10, 2007 Reply
    mercurial georgia speaks like one who has benn tortured because she sees that her worldview is now obsolete and banal. your rationale is festering with with a stink of being propugated by a simple mind that has been wrought by a miserable life of reading frivolous poetry and watching mindrotting tv ,both of what I completely abstain from.but all your rant is based on your crippled emotions which shows through your transpapent even use the timless grandaddy of all that is base and propaganda(tv/media) as the source supporting your fanatical raving.your are taking your rotting opiniomns too far. it is obvious that you have been hurt by white males in the past so you come out out lashing at the beutiful fruit -the union of white male and asian female that has been one of the few admirable end products of the last few decades of senseless decadence that has been so omnipresent in the New Order that has been evolving in our World. You might find this hard to stomach since you are such a emotional driven imbecile, Georgia, but this new way is here to stay and is cold hard fact and reality.Also you seem to be quite a hateful racist as is indicated by your seperating races and gender into distinct rigid groupings.This is very ugly and offends me and some of the most powerful people in America and the world whom many are white males in marriage to Asian females.It is legal and perfectly reasonable for any type of racial or other type of mixing to occur in todays enlightened world and that is here to stay whether you agree or not to close things I will give you a purley good intentioned warning of things to come.When you spread hurtful and hateful things in this new era of understanding be very careful because what you say will be directly linked to you and you will have to answer for this in the near cannot escape the future.The hate you directed recently is borderline illeagal so be laws are being written now that you are unaware of ,but for which you will still be accountable for.I know, I help write them.Plus Its not just white males who admire Asian women, I am freinds with and work daily with many Arab,Jewish,Indian(from India) Black , Asian and White men and we all think asian women are special but we love all women and are open to all women .God bless
  31. Ryo's Avatar
    November 11, 2007 Reply
    I am an asian male,mixed may I add, mother was viet/french father was chinese/indian. I grew up in a big family with many aunts and female asian cousins, I also have a sister so i think I know asian women very well. I also have dated a white female for 3 years and after that dated more white females. As of right now I am dating an asian female and have never felt more comfortable. White people are so different from asians, yes I do believe that this is nothing more than a fetish for white men, it is sad to see that this phenomenon is so big now, well I guess it's not a big deal because white men control the media and with that in mind, they can make asian women as exotic as they want and asian men as nerdy and geeky as before.
  32. Jason's Avatar
    November 11, 2007 Reply
    This is not a rant! Its clearly a commentary based on Ms. Fay's direct observations... hence she wrote it in first person. And more to the point, its a fairly accurate observation based on what I have seen and my friends have told me. Unfortunately, it sounds like Ms. Fay ended up dating sub-par guys who had a certain image in mind, although dont we all when we approach someone? The key here is that misconceptions of another race go beyond fetishes and become offensive to others and we all need to think of that, especially in our relationships. BTW, Ive dated alot of Asian girls. :) To quote James Bond (in bed) in You Only Live Twice: "We taste better?" -- Random saucy sexy Chinese Bond girl "No... just different." -- chauvenistic sporting Bond.
  33. Jason's Avatar
    November 11, 2007 Reply
    This is not a rant! Its clearly a commentary based on Ms. Fay's direct observations... hence she wrote it in first person. And more to the point, its a fairly accurate observation based on what I have seen and my friends have told me. Unfortunately, it sounds like Ms. Fay ended up dating sub-par guys who had a certain image in mind, although dont we all when we approach someone? <em> The key here is that misconceptions of another race go beyond fetishes and become offensive to others and we all need to think of that, especially in our relationships. </em> <p> BTW, Ive dated alot of Asian girls. :) <p> To quote James Bond (in bed) in You Only Live Twice: <p> "We taste better?" -- Random saucy sexy Chinese Bond girl <p> "No... just different." -- chauvenistic sporting Bond.
  34. jay sato's Avatar
    jay sato
    November 11, 2007 Reply
    i just think asian women have a weakness and fall in love right away to white men. same with asian men, we have a fantasy of dating white women. but white women probably dont have as much fantasy in dating asian me. most couples ive seen for some reason, the asian girl is dumb and easily falls for the guys for an unusual reason or just plainly dumb. the white guy is either a dork, dumb, or is the cockiest guy. this is just my case. which makes me wonder why my asian friend dates him. i dont mind that phenomenon. its just when i talk to my asian girl friends, they fall for the most unattractive or dumbest guys. and the guys that i know, who supposedly has a fetish for asian women, try to speak that language, or be interested supposedly, but they just want to fuck her. thats all it is. true thats what we both men and women want but i just cant stand it when a white guy has a this 'asian women dig me' factor. when because white women dont dig you as much you idiot. its just those certain types of people that just pisses me off. like when this chinese girl i know wanted to go to classes just cause there is this one cute guy. that just annoys me. i dont go to class for some stupid reason like that. i like white women. im surrounded by white women here in the US. but i dont turn my head around all the time. sorry for the rant.but this is just how i feel.
  35. Gerald's Avatar
    November 11, 2007 Reply
    As un mexicano who has dated many asians before(apart from other races, ive discovered that asian girls are in fact very should be lucky that man wants to be with you soley on your race. Stereotypes are everywhere, A ton of my niggers get laid nightly cuz of a certain stereotype. And many of my asian pals rarely get dates becuase of another. Me I just want to get hitched with a nice american so i can get me some citizenship.
  36. Jeffrey's Avatar
    November 11, 2007 Reply
    I understand that this type of thing does occur, and I have no problem with the author expressing her concern with this problem. However, my problem is I worry that some white males will end up being written off immediately if they attempt to spark a relationship with an asian female. I've dated predominantly white females throughout my life, but right now I'm dating an Asian-American woman (Japanese parents) and I can safely say that I'm not dating her as a result of any type of fetish. When I saw her, I immediately thought she was beautiful, not because she was Asian, just because I looked at her and thought to myself "That girl is gorgeous." We've been dating for 8 months, very happily, with an incredibly deep relationship. It's deep because we have so much in common, we are both musicians, both songwriters, both with strong hope in romance and destiny, the list goes on and on. It has nothing to do with a fetish. Again, however, I do not deny that this does occur as a result of the stupidity of people as a whole, white males aren't immune from doing dumb things. I think it's horrible that the author or any other asian-american woman ever has to experience anything like that. But I would hate to think that if she saw me with my girlfriend, she or anyone else would immediately think in their head "I bet that guy has an asian fetish." I love my girlfriend for the amazing person she is, and the amazing relationship I have with her. And knowing the person she is, I know she wouldn't just date me because I'm a white guy, and she's dated several asian guys in her life. I guess I just wish people would pursue relationships for good reasons, no matter what race they are. Yes, I know we all have to start somewhere, we can't see their personality immediately, so we have to start with attraction. But, I think women of any race can be beautiful. So I would hope that white males would not act like assholes to asian girls because of stupid presumptions about them and their culture, and likewise I would hope asian girls wouldn't immediately turn down any white male who approaches them, he might just be the guy you were looking for.
  37. Lucas McCain's Avatar
    Lucas McCain
    November 11, 2007 Reply
    The problem goes far deeper than White guys acting like assholes. The tendency is to want to relegate the problem to drooling-at-the-mouth White males walking around wearing nothing but an unbuttoned over-coat. The thing is Jeffrey, there exists to this day, a disparity of acceptance between Asian females and Asian males. There still is a general animosity towards the male half of the Asian population. The racism against Asians as a whole existed for some time, beginning in the U.S. at the turn of the 19th/20th century when we hired the Chinese to build our railroads (around the time of "The Yellow Peril"). During the various war years involving Asia (WWII, Korea, Vietnam), there was a considerable amount of prostitution available to American soldiers. Even in Japan the notorious "comfort women" were provided for American soldiers. So a somewhat unique form of racism has developed over the years which has allowed for a continued loathing of Asian males, and at the same time an embracing of their women. However now, like at the time of the Civil Rights Movement, an 'enlightening' is developing. During the "CRM", a drastic change occurred in the minds of Americans including 'us' White folk. Once the light switch went on, the idea of things like segregation, movie stereotypes of Black Americans, etc., was seen for what it really was even though it was overlooked as normal during it's time. Hopefully, the slow but sure 'enlightening' that's 'now' occurring will create the same affect on our stereotyping of Asians in the media, and the usage of slanderous insinuations of small genitalia. Right now it's considered perfectly acceptable, and merely something to overlook as insignificant (which works out perfectly for us Whites). As a result of this disparity, one of the problems is that many Asian females want to believe that their overall acceptance by White males means that racism against Asians 'does not' exist. This of course is far from the truth. So yes, during this time of 'racist awareness/enlightenment', many of you White guys who date/marry Asian women will come under some scrutiny. Racism towards Asians by Whites has different levels. Anywhere from 'vehement hatred', to 'conditional acceptance'. By 'conditional acceptance' I mean, as long as they exhibit a 'Model Minority' posture. This may be a test for you on your level. While I'm sure that you have no vehement hatred towards Asian males, how will you react if/when/should they... become more activist, vocal, confronting? How will you respond to your GF is she should become more 'Asian activist'?
  38. Bobby's Avatar
    November 11, 2007 Reply
    Lucas McCain's, your comment is simple and spot on. Nice job.Gerald's your comment is hilarious man--so true. Here we go:Let's keep in mind that this is based on the author's experience. So who's gonna win this argument? Ladies and Gentleman there are plenty of white American men who are dating an Asian girl simply because he likes who she is, not what she is. Not every white guy who is dating an Asian girl has a fetish. For Asian brothers reading this, not every Asian girl who dates a white guy is some sell out or a tw#*#!^ either. The actions of a few shouldn't be taken as the absolute truth about others. Sometimes love is love. A lot depends on where you grew up and who you were around. With all of that said:it is important to acknowledge that these things do exist. Now, now, don't get pissed. Sometimes when we don't want to believe something that we don't like, we put blinders on. Again,not every white guy who dates Asian women has a fetish, but they are out there and it didn't just occur in a vacuum. Just look at our society. Do an interest search. Type"WM/AF or write in out white male Asian female or "Asian Women". Now for example type in AM/WF-BF,LF etc or Asian Men. What do you find on the first page? Why does "gay" show up for Asian men and "sexy" come up for Asian women? Look at television. Statistically the majority of couples are WM/WF, BM/BF etc. Now when interracial couples are presented the majority is between WM/AF. Sure, makes sense, it is the largest out-marriage interracial combo. But wait a minute... Why aren't there more Asian male and Asian female or Latino male and female couples? Statistically there are more INTRRACIAL couples than interracial. For some reason there is a "standards of acceptable interracial diversity". Why did the interracial marriage rate increase dramatically between WM/AF in the mid 1950's after the TV ban on interracial couples was lifted? More roles and more coupling led to acceptance. Their cohorts on the other hand did not fair so well. You can look at the Cable Act during major Asian immigration(1922-1931) deprived American-born women of citizenship if they married an "alien". Executive Order 9066 sent Japanese American Families to camps, but if an Asian woman were married to a white man she didn't have to go. I mean history is there. Are all of these just coincidences? There has to be acknowledgment before there can be change. "..."male
  39. lc's Avatar
    November 11, 2007 Reply
    reading this article is like reading my own diary, the problem is that when guys have this kind of fetish it makes you feel like your personality takes a back seat, and especially being an american i don't feel a particular attachment to asian culture and therefore feel even more uncomfortable
  40. Lucas McCain's Avatar
    Lucas McCain
    December 12, 2007 Reply
    I like your very balanced viewpoint on the issue. The "Cable Act" and "Executive Order" is something that "should" wake a number of people up! When we match up past history with what's going on today, there's very little that has changed. The prejudice that 'still' exists has merely taken on different faces. For instance, if one watches some of the old Black and White movies made during the WWII era, we can still hear a certain derogatory term used in regards to the Japanese. And in case one argues that it's merely in context with the situation of the movie; one can hear the same 'derogatory term' used in old war-bond radio commercials. Because perhaps our society is a bit more politically correct; our media will not casually use that term or any other derogatory term used for any ethnic Asian group. However, we've substituted derogatory racial terms for slanderous jokes used in comedic form (small genitalia, etc.), which was 'not' used in the media during the war years because of censorship. Like you said; there has to be acknowledgment before there can be change. Not to pick on Jeffrey again; but I feel compelled to point out his 'apparent understanding' of the effects of stereotype. He's expressed a concern about any reference to 'Asian fetishism' creating a negative backlash for White males who have an interest in Asian females because of a possible stereotype he feels may have been created. His concern seems to be for that 'one' White male and/or Asian female who may lose out on a relationship. Of course I would have to re-emphasize shifting the focus of stereotype back to our very own history as well as today, to the 'extreme' negative effects our White society has created in terms of stereotypes against Asian males.
  41. Buddy's Avatar
    December 12, 2007 Reply
    The reason I am attracted to asian women has everything to do with their looks and nothing to do with my stereotypical perceptions of them. I think this is true for alot of white guys like me. They have pretty eyes, beautiful skin, nice hair, and petite features. What's not to like?
  42. A.'s Avatar
    December 12, 2007 Reply
    I love how the people mainly getting pissed off here are white guys with serious Asian Fetish issues. "We just think Asian Women are stunningly beautiful..." You bastards sound like broken records. No, you wouldn't want to have anyone smart, or witty, or someone who can tolerate your bullshit by calling you out, you just want looks. Then there are those who say, "Well, we like all women, but we just prefer Asians." The major test here is if you saw a beautiful black woman, would you approach her the same way you would approach an Asian chick? That's the ultimate question. This is how we figure out whether you are truly interested in IR relationships, or if you're just full of shit.
  43. Lucas McCain's Avatar
    Lucas McCain
    December 12, 2007 Reply
    I find Buddy's post fascinating. I don't know why being that his statement is such a commonality. I guess because of it's pointblank demeanor, and reference to over-analyzing. It's interesting though that he doesn't refer solely to himself. He seems to understand that at least sub-consciously a sub-culture of White males who like or prefer Asian females has developed. Thus the seemingly uncanny ability to speak for many other White males. To be fair; yes there are White males who will prefer Black females, Hispanic females, etc., and will specifically pursue them. doesn't take any 'analysis' to see a huuugggge difference in approach. Typically, a White male may end up inquiring how one might meet up with a Black or Hispanic female. However, often when referring to Asian females, a White male will give the impression of a school kid at the age of having his lunch packed for him, saying to another kid; "I don't like my lunch, I like/want yours"! At the risk of 'over-analyzing', I don't think one can entirely look over demographics. Black and Hispanic Americans are still largely segregated in terms of residence (residential areas). Asian-Americans are more likely to assimilate into White neighborhoods. One can imagine what this must be like in a place like Canada where a large influx of Asian foreigners have taken residence in a relatively short period of time. All one need do is look at our European ancestral colonial history (going 'out' and conquering), and match that with the large influx of Asians 'coming in' from overseas assimilating into White neighborhoods. The scenario becomes something like: A 'single' man throws a party at his house or apartment. Someone brings over some girls. The girls basically do whatever everyone else does. They freely use the man's restroom, they help themselves to a beer in the refrigerator, they make themselves comfortable on his coach, they use his ash tray, etc. However, the man throwing the party takes more notice of their assumed leisure. He ponders in his mind the fact that these are girls who have freely helped themselves to all his facilities (like everyone else). He ponders in his mind that because of this they should owe him 'sexual favors'! It seems that many White males feel that Asian females are 'owed' to them!
  44. Ian  Yuanalotta's Avatar
    Ian Yuanalotta
    December 12, 2007 Reply
  45. Lucas McCain's Avatar
    Lucas McCain
    December 12, 2007 Reply
    "AT THE CLUB WHEN YOU LAST GOT STOOD UP BY AN ASIAN GIRL" I have my doubts on this. I think the majority of the time any Asian male who discusses these issues (discussion boards, blogs) either has their own girl friend or wife (whether Asian, White, etc.), or actively dating. It's the same situation if the media attacked male Scandinavians. Ian, Arnold, and Jan (Yawn) would take issue as much if not more (not that we would be able to understand what they were saying half of the time). Given our obvious history, current racist environment/practices; the right thing to do is do whatever it takes to force the media to change (or to be more challenging, reverse) it's present coarse. This could of course take years. As it stands now, we're like the guy in the movie who makes sure the girl he's after never runs across his buddy who has a habit of taking his girlfriends. As long as he keeps him away, she seems interested in him. But...he never really knows what would happen if his buddy were to show up. This is how our White society operates in terms of preserving it's male sexual desirability status. We're not talking about trivial media stereotype like showing an Italian man with a monkey grinder. We're not just talking a lack of visibility. In addition, we're talking about gender related racial slander so that some gawky-looking Swede will appear as somehow the object of desire (granted, it's only the shallowest of the shallow that would fall into this pit. But, in a nation who's emphasis is 'equal rights', it's enough). If...such a dramatic change came about we would have to deal with some inevitables. I'm not sure if our majority White society could deal with them. But, at least you wouldn't have to hide behind a Greenlandic facade.
  46. Melissa's Avatar
    December 12, 2007 Reply
    asian women look like shaved cats.... I dont understand the fetish?!
  47. Buddie's Avatar
    December 12, 2007 Reply
    Mellissa ,woman who look like shaved cats are cute.the high cheek bones.the exotic eyes that take you to a far off place the silky black hair and sanity that asian women offer are irresistable .asian girls look like shaved cats and white girls look like shaved dogs.i look like a shaved pit bull
  48. moobie's Avatar
    December 12, 2007 Reply
    East Asian women prefer East Asian men, that's why 40% of them date Asian men despite East Asian men being 2% of the male population. Also, Asian men are more likely to be married and cohabited than Asian women, and AF/AM couples have the lowest rates of abuse and divorce. An explanation- it is true that Asians as a whole are physically smaller than East Africans and Northern Whites. However, their IQs are much higher (112 for Koreans, 111 for Japanese, 115+ for Hong Kong Chinese, 108 for Singapore Chinese). East Asian women are intelligent and loyal so they want intelligent and loyal men. However, stupid women are easily brainwashed and prefer whatever they're used to. So it's usually the one dumb whore in the lowest 5% of intelligence that is "dating" several white men at a time, to the dismay of their white wives. Tales of crazy, stupid gold diggers and white men running off together are all over the place. This is coming from a gay young man, btw. So I'm not really bitter about the dating patterns of Asian women, rather I'm speaking out for the Asian women I know who think 95% of white guys are really disgusting.
  49. Marc's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    I find it absurd for you to dismiss the entirety of all other men except for those in your own race due to the actions of a few and then subsequently justify it as just being the "easier choice." Stereotypes are everywhere and its your own personal problem and deficiency for not being able to deal with it. I think your narrow point of view of "Us and Them" to be racist and insulting to everyone. (I am neither white nor Asian)
  50. Yumi Tanaka's Avatar
    Yumi Tanaka
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    Moobie, you are either lying or just ignorant, but probably both.I work for the largest and most objective census agency in the world and am disappointed in your dropping fabricated statistics as if they were a percentage, east Asian females married to east Asian males experience much more domestic abuse then their East Asian female/Caucasian male counterparts.In all my years collecting census data it is actually astounding that domestic abuse,divorce and dissatisfaction is virtually nonexistent in marriages of Caucasian men and east Asian females.It seems surreal from a statistical standpoint, but is nonetheless fact. The reason I dismissed "Moobie" as ignorant is his very subjective views which are way out their.You also seem very young and unworldly and quite confused as indicated by the way you express your vulgar views.Regaurdless to the fact that you deny anger, You are transparent as glass-just look at all the hateful adjectives that litter your junk letter! I am a Japanese lady and just about all my freinds are east Asian females and to say as "Moobie" did, that East Asian women think 95% of white guys are disgusting is totally this opinion you talk about from a one person census of a Asian butch lesbian? seriously? all this rant about IQs means squat. virtually 100% of medicine,technology and culture is from Europe and America. North and South Korea are dumps that try to copy American and European invention.China has been under America's mercy and protection for centuries and is a toxic,overpopulated mess which has no respect for the beutiful rare and endangered wildlife it heartlessly stamps out.China now has to rely on Caucasian America to come in and say "hey you shouldnt dump toxic waste all over you cities and countryside" and Japan had no answer to Caucasian military and technical Know-how and was At Americas mercy at the end of WW2. Europe is so advanced it is now the worlds only post technical Society ,where the Arts flourish under government art grants.A true Utopia. so stop with your IQ BS . Nothing captivates a female of any type like this Alpha Dominance that European men have naturally.A recent Opinion poll represented by 1000 females of all races on interracial relationships found out that out of every interracial combination and relationships of the same race, the female paired with a Caucasian male got more respect and was labled as classy the larger percentage of the time.In otherwords whether the female was Asian,Black,Hispanic,White,Indian she gave connotations of purity,class and respect when in the arms of a Caucasian male! This is true statistic. So please stop the Discrimination of white males.White people are great and just want to get along with everyone, from my experience.I don't want this to spread to more jealousy and hate but I just had to relay some true facts so all this false propaganda trying to demonize whites comes to a halt. I know deep down all the readers of this forum already knew all I said here to be truth, but I was forced to throw it in front of your face spelled out. As a parting word, be nice to White Men in 2008, If you don't know one ,get to know one and you will be opened to a whole new deep world of understanding,loyalty and love and you will see how foolish all that White bashing was.Repent If you still White bash, look in the mirror and you will see a lost,empty creep.
  51. Wow!!!'s Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    Are you sure that you are a Japanese woman? You sure sound like a white man who is pissed off and watch a lot of Asian porn as you call your self Yumi Tanaka. (Well I like porn. :-) ) If you are a Japanes woman as you state ...You must hate yourself looking in the mirror everyday seeing that your are Asian. Wow!! I think I hear more Asian women bash their culture than any other women of any other race. Wow!!! I guess you have your ideas, but trust me abuse happens in every culture. Whites, blacks, Asians, Latins, Middle Eastern (Muslim origin), Lions, Tigers, and Bears...oh my..
  52. Lucas McCain's Avatar
    Lucas McCain
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    Yumi! You're thinking is completely warped! First off, this alpha-male dominance that you so admire reared it's ugly head in the ugliest form known to man...Nazi Germany! Hitler was worshiped much the same way that unfortunately a few Asian females seem to worship the White race. Being White, I've lived my whole life with Whites. Being a male, I know very well how we operate. and I can tell you first hand how ridiculous you sound. What you're basically doing is rendering unto Ceasar (the White male race/gender) what you feel is due Ceasar (the White male system). Part of this hypothetical rendering is to put down your own men. And you're not fooling me one bit. All your sick praises are for White men, not White women. I think this is one of the most disgusting things I have yet to witness on the internet. Your statistics are flawed. I don't care what agency you work for. For one thing, there are not nearly enough White male/Asian female marriages to make an accurate judgment against Asian male/Asian female pairings. Secondly, wife abuse is a huge problem among White couples. What makes you think that if the numbers increase between marriages of White men and Asian women, we won't start seeing more abuse aimed at Asian women married to White men? Also, your statistics are not able to cover things like hidden or un-confessed victimized verbal abuse. Do you know which female minority group faces the most sexual abuse? Native American women. Most Native American women living on reservations are victims of rape. More than half of the time it's done by White males (nothing like alpha-male dominance). They almost always get away with it, because it becomes a jurisdiction issue. Do you honestly think you're more exotic than a Native American woman? As far as Euro world dominance, you also need to consider some very important facts. Europe is a tiny continent. It was a continent infested with famine and plagues. The need to develop naval and sufficient weaponry was necessary to expand out of that little pit-hole called Europe. It was more a matter of survival than genius. When they came to North America, they came face to face with a peoples far more intelligent in regards to utilizing natural resources. They could make medicine out of something we unknowingly trounce on everyday. They had plenty of land. No need to beg one of the chiefs permission to sail across the Pacific/Atlantic. There was tribal warfare, but there was no need to expand beyond the North American borders. There was no need for the type of ships the Europeans needed. How utterly arrogant to claim that Whites (and of course we know you mean White males) are superior. Unfortunately, my race needs to be more educated. Folks like yourself, need to be 'unlearned'. You've been brainwashed. My race has ejaculated endless racial propaganda against the male gender of your race. Let's put it this way; what we've done in history, and currently do in our media, is the equivalent of you walking down the street and seeing signs posted in various locations stating "Whites Only"! That's how bad it is. There's absolutely no difference!
  53. Lucas McCain's Avatar
    Lucas McCain
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    ....surreal my ass (non-statistic wise)! The only thing that is surreal how this blatant racism is being overlooked/denied/watered-down!
  54. Yumi Tanaka's Avatar
    Yumi Tanaka
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    I never said whites were superior,dominant yes.I merely laid down a few historical facts(seasoned with a few opinions such as if those military/political conquests be rendered alpha dominance)and you took the facts I laid down and came to the assumption all by yourself that military dominance is equivalent to superiority.I believe all humans are relatively intelligent and thinking beings who deserves equal rights.....including white males, who are not treated equal in this forum.If there is a superior, I believe it is that rare person who can think with a purely nonsubjective mind in relation the other human beings.You appear to be the one with a brainwashed mind, quickly thinking of NAZI as soon as I lauded white accomplishment, ooh you are so politically correct Lucas! kudos to you!! .At least we both agree that genocide and racial oppression are for the truly evil,although you may probably think that genocide against white males would be great? I am happily married to a japanese man who also like me beleives purely in truth and truth only,unspoiled by opinion.Are my husband,children and I the only people on earth who beleive in unsubjectivity. True I gave a false name because I deemed it the wise thing to do,and if I accidently picked a porno name like some have told me, both Yumi and Tanaka are very common Japanese names.If you want to read more politically correct stuff lucas, read the mainstream media, I simply thought I'd clear up some of the misleading propaganda here so readers of this forum can be more open minded unclouded by mainstream bs .Lets not forget how we met, by semi mainstream propaganda demonizing whites who hit on asian females.I primarily dated white and asian men in school and college and saw none of the rampant myths in any of the ones I knew, Im talking about asian and white myths.I simply played the devil's advocate on this forum because besides perverts and less desirable folks, not many intellegible people objectively took that side of the debate here.Again Sandra Fayes article unjustly portrayed whites by not having the disclaimer "this asian fetish syndrome applies to a very small percentage of white men,mostly drunk ones in their late teens or early twenties are the ones who use these 'tight pussy' lines because they are young,dum and full og cumm...and beer too. Fortunately i omitted the club scene altogether so I was never acquainted with this demographic...but if an woman places herself in a meat market ,she should take the jabs lightly along with the infinate other coarse remarks one should expect in a packed room full of intoxicated testosterone.Walking down the streets my city and growing up with in a culturally diverse city all my life I never heard anything like that by a sober human being. Dont get in over your head Lucas, and statistical references I make about two distinct groups of people..such as am/af wm/af marriages are drawn from equally represented samples.You can get your foot out of your mouth now Lucas, I only preach fact and if it is my opinion only, I will make it obvious or say so.I just wish people would start living in reality
  55. Yumi's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    When I talked about Indians in my first post, I was referring to those from India.Unfortunately Native American Indians are so unrepresented and such a small demographic outside of their reservations, that they are omitted from most opinion polls as are Ausralian aborigines,Southafrican Bushmen and other distinct and subclasses of races.Most opinion polls are done in black and white. Also omitted from these opinion polls are the various present and growing mixed race people such as those derived from Asian and white parents who seem to be an ever present factor back in the minds of anyone who takes either extreme side of debate that the present forum has split into.These people are the future if the future onfolds in an unbiased fashion
  56. Lucas McCain's Avatar
    Lucas McCain
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    I'm actually a White male, so I definitely wouldn't favor genocide of the White race. I had no idea that you were playing the devil's advocate. I don't necessarily agree with that method, but I won't question the motivation behind it. Had I somehow known that, my post would not have been nearly as strong as it was. I will admit that my mistake was to take this particular blog, and lump it in with a few others from this site. Unfortunately, when this happens, the theme of a particular blog can become diluted from other blogs. When taking the website as a whole (not pinpointing any particular blog), White males are 'not' demonized. This one is more the exception. While on the one hand it may be good that the very real issue of fetishizing is being exposed, it's sad that the author ever got caught up into that mess. Or, one may wonder how/why she got caught up into the mess in the first place. The mainstream media also refrains from the topic discussed in this particular blog, as well as the issue of stereotyping both Asian men and women. And while it's true that the author 'did not' place a disclaimer, the same method of generalizing is practiced in the other direction (White men prefer Asian women, Asian women prefer White men, White men are more endowed, etc). Also, I wouldn't be too quick to assume that it's only young White clubbers that make sexist comments about Asian women. In fact, it's far from the case. There are plenty of White men of all ages that make a boastful claim to having a fetish or having "yellow fever". Unfortunately, it's become sort of a 'chic' comment to make.
  57. AnotherAsianGirl's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    Um... I'm Asian and well, a lot of guys have um.. "attractions" to me. I don't think it's just because you're Asian, they like you. I mean, if you're ugly... ... uh ha..ha.. what I'm trying to say is that, its not really the race, its how pretty you are. The rumors with the tight pussies, could make sense... I have an explanation.. but.. yeah its a little graphic...
  58. Jay's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    Dont worry Yumi, whoever you are. This post seemed to be going perfect for some people, until you brought reason and possible fact to the table. Typical bashing of any group of people. That Mccain person sounds like a fake name also. I am almost certain that is a white woman or a discruntaled asian man, maybe he or she likes to listen to Edward McCain the singer, haha. And how did that person know that was a porn name, or that no other of the 2-3 billion asians might also have it. Whoever they are, they are very angry about something. Possibly loved lost to this specific type of relationship. Anyway, I am really a white man. I find attractive qualities in white, asian & latin women. I have never made some of the preverted comments I heard people talk about on here to any woman. And asian women are not easy to gain trust with btw, so it is much harder for a white man to date an asian women than other races to begin with. Most asian men the women know, including the girls father, will object to the relationship. She is not just going to jump for the 1st white guy she meets. This is why asian women tend to have less problematic relationships with white men though, they will expect you to prove your devotion overtime. This is just my observation from dating one asian woman earlier in my life, and now the future possibility with another I have been talking to for months now without having a date. In the end, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Either way, my personality seems to matter far more to asian woman than anything else. At least not the ones I am interested in, who go to church and have goals. The same traits I like in white or latino women as well.
  59. Jay's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    Dont worry Yumi, whoever you are. This post seemed to be going perfect for some people, until you brought reason and possible fact to the table. Typical bashing of any group of people. That Mccain person sounds like a fake name also. I am almost certain that is a white woman or a discruntaled asian man, maybe he or she likes to listen to Edward McCain the singer, haha. And how did that person know that was a porn name, or that no other of the 2-3 billion asians might also have it. Whoever they are, they are very angry about something. Possibly loved lost to this specific type of relationship. Anyway, I am really a white man. I find attractive qualities in white, asian & latin women. I have never made some of the preverted comments I heard people talk about on here to any woman. And asian women are not easy to gain trust with btw, so it is much harder for a white man to date an asian women than other races to begin with. Most asian men the women know, including the girls father, will object to the relationship. She is not just going to jump for the 1st white guy she meets. This is why asian women tend to have less problematic relationships with white men though, they will expect you to prove your devotion overtime. This is just my observation from dating one asian woman earlier in my life, and now the future possibility with another I have been talking to for months now without having a date. In the end, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Either way, my personality seems to matter far more to asian woman than anything else. At least not the ones I am interested in, who go to church and have goals. The same traits I like in white or latino women as well.
  60. Wow's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    Dude, you say the same thing over and over like the rest of your white brotherens...Yep, comment on why Asian men are angry, and then give your two cents about how I treat women equally and I don't care what color her skin is. Which you hope that Asian women will see your comments, and they, a nice guy. Stop it dude..You are like all the perverts that go to Thailand or PI on sex tours. Then you bring up on why Asian women date white guys because of how Angry Asian men are. Then you give us a Dr Phil comment why it is hard to date Asian women because of their parents. Finally, I love this comment --Beauty is in the eye of the beholder--My personality seems to matter far more to asian women than anything else. At least not the ones I am interested in, who go to church and have a goal. The same traits I like in white or latino women as well...Who are you trying to trick. Jay your not Asian brother, and you will never will stop commenting in Asian forums or websites. Question, why are you even on this site.. how did you find this site. Did you google Asian sex and then ran into this site. Don't get me wrong there are some good white men out there who ACTUALLY care, but majority are probably like you..a pervert looking for asian women.
  61. Junia's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    White men are digusting. lol I'm full japanese and I get nothing but perverted White men on my ass. It's a bit sad how senseless white - american are. I'll stick to Asian men thank you.
  62. warren's Avatar
    February 02, 2008 Reply
    whoever says that must be some sexually uptight white guy or some asian girl who has been rejected by asians for to many times. asian girls might prefer to go with white guys over other races ,but the majority of asian girls couples is still with other asians, so does that mean asian girls prefer white guys? NO
  63. Derla Ilek -Vlad's Avatar
    Derla Ilek -Vlad
    February 02, 2008 Reply
    "white men are disgusting" is a grossly inclusive statement although it is an opinion and not a fact.I just want to see where you are coming from so please anyone with this view make a post and lets make a list of all the reasons white men are disgusting.I cant fathom this idea, so please enlighten me ill contribute reason #1(even though I don't agree with it)just to get this list started: #1)white men are perverts/or "all" white men are perverts as some say
  64. Nautica's Avatar
    February 02, 2008 Reply
    Im half asian and half caucasian and ill give reason#2 All white guys are lying cheats-i dated only one white guy only because he had $$$ up his skinny dorky gazoo and he lied to me because i was at the club and saw him with another ho. now i only date asian guys and everything has been all good.I live in an apartment with 3 more asian girls and they all agree and want to post their reasons why these honkeys are peckerwoods my roomates Acaida,Lucy Thai and lelani lei want to post their 2 cents on seperate posts the new list #1)they are perverts #2)lying cheats
  65. Acadia's Avatar
    February 02, 2008 Reply
    im a filipino hip hop diva and truth is white guys are too white.I only date blacks,hip hop latinos and hip hop asians lately im only dating asian homeys.never dated a white guy but one time one of my asian boyfreinds was chillin with some white dude ,why I dont know.he had the palest skin,the bluest eyes,blonde hair and talked all proper white lingo like a newscaster.this guy was so white and disgusting he even liked fishing and camping about loser, he didnt even like Rap.hed rather go camping than go hip hop clubbing.I tried to make my asian man quit hanging out with him.this white guy actually took my asian man trout fly fishing in canada and my filipino stud liked it so I had to dump him.he was going white on me.the last straw was that fishing trip.he caught fish and let them go,not even to catch fish for eating.thats white for sport....yuk
  66. Lucy Thai's Avatar
    Lucy Thai
    February 02, 2008 Reply
    they are evil.what else to say they nuked evil is that babys and all.i only dated a couple of white guys because i was forced into all white school because i grew up in affluent white suburban Topeka first i was tricked into thinking this white guy was nice but one time he passed out in his room and I was looking through his drawers and stuff like any girl would do and all I found was he belonged to all these societies for all white world.He had notebooks full of bomb making recipies and plans for government overthrow and to secretly occupy the worlds governments when all the whites receive the secret go ahead they are to receive and pulverize the worlds cities for and all white this time i thought it was just him, one isolated sicko.i dumped him and he came after me and said ill be the first one to his personal torture rack when he takes over America.the next white guy i dated didnt even know the first one i dated ,yet when i got the chance and peeked in his closet hidden on the floor under a pile of magazines and clothes was the exact same literature for world racial cleansing.then i moved to yuma arizona thinking i was in nonhostile terrotory and i was at a party thrown by some white guys and saw the same hate militia plans in his notebooks and further manuels about white men to date asian and other races in order to study and infiltrate their enemy to be maximum informed before "the final blow" and many other manuels in old Latin that all beared on the cover "The Esoterica orde de neo Caucasia" my bones chilled when I recognized this as the same title of the literature on my two white ex-boyfreinds literature.also of important note is that my two white ex boyfreinds always wanted to choke and smack me and pull my hair real hard when "making love" and insult my nationality too and wanted me to insult my own nationality while they "made love to me", dont worry though ,they never got to make love to me because when they propositioned to have this subversion done prior to foreplay i refused.other than this these 2 guys would have appearred to be the nicest guys in the world untill their real intentions were exposed.
  67. lelani lei's Avatar
    lelani lei
    February 02, 2008 Reply
    Hi I am the 4th roomate ,i live with Nautica,Acaidia and Lucy Thai.Im of Hawaiian descent and never dated a white.Ive always been attracted to Asians only,their inner stregnth and kind souls toward women really melt me and they are just handsome all i know is all the white people ive been around have b.o and smelly breath.they dont shower and just small like rotten meat so here is the list so far.lets keep it rolling asian sisters: #1)they are all perverts #2)they all are lying cheats #3)they are too white #4)they are all hateful towards minoritie and plan world takeover #5)stink
  68. Sun Fan's Avatar
    Sun Fan
    February 02, 2008 Reply
    Not all whites are bad and if you really want to get into it The Japs bombed Pearl Harbour first..Get you facts straignt!
  69. BLOODSTEIN's Avatar
    February 02, 2008 Reply
    THIS IS LUDICROUS . The only thing on this list I'd have to agree with is that if there was an Olympics for good husbandry Asian men would take the gold medal.All of them I know are great husbands and father figures and have impeccable self control.For whatever reason some of my fellow whites have degenerated,they are most likely the ones derived from peasant stock.These have decayed into senseless animals that abuse their spouses or children as they wallow in self absorption.But on the other hand there are many white men who are of the utmost fidelity and make their wives into queens and turn their children into princes and princesses.So to say that white men are disgusting is a reckless statement.Women must use discretion when choosing any mate and so do men.Race should not be a factor. I don't believe any of those posts of that list were real women or real situations ,the names of the women who posted appear fabricated and the post's content was even more extravagant
  70. Amkwan's Avatar
    February 02, 2008 Reply
    This is no different than a white man ranting about black guys who love white girls. I think people just have preferences. Do Asian girls have a tight p***y? Do black guys have a large c**k? Who knows, but more importantly...who cares!? I live in L.A. and see every type of couple and I am sure NY is no different. Is this really "print" worthy? If an Asian girl thinks a guy likes her only because she is Asian, maybe she should not perpetuate the fetish. Then again, maybe she should...who cares!? And why is it bad if a foreigner speaks an Asian language?! It is ok to learn French, but not Japanese? What if the person likes sashimi and not baguettes? The sword instead of the acordidian? The hypocrisy in this article is appalling. Maybe the writer just needs to get a white guy...or a Peruvian...who cares!
  71. Dylath Leen's Avatar
    Dylath Leen
    February 02, 2008 Reply
    This is not real,I made it up the "list". I thought that statement by "Junia" was so ignorant that I had to show how ignorant the reasons floating around out there for substantiating white men being disgusting are just plain ignorant.if you read those reasons and agreed you are completely ignorant .the logic is bogus and can apply to any race ,yes even a black man can have light skin and blonde hair and blue eyes,Ive seen it myself. The names of all those females are my favorite asian porn starlets.Yes I love porn,too bad you cant be a male for a day and see why porn rules,think of it like this: porn(sex) is to men what $$$ is to 99% of the females out there.You can lie to yourself and pretend you dont worship $$$ and your husband(of any race) can lie to you and himself and pretend he wouldnt have a harem of 1000 females if he were suddenly turned to God you are not special!!!! nor are you bursting with scruples you self righteous pigs and monkeys. I know im a creep in your world,but i speak for all men and women.when you peel away the layers of fake morals you get a self serving animal whose motives are all for self gain,just like sandra faye selling out on the people who allowed her asinine relatives to immigrate to America and profit off this ridiculous article P.S ,this website is a joke , about half of the entire posts are from me impersonating different types of people and sexes
  72. Uptown's Avatar
    February 02, 2008 Reply
    I am an asian male and i have dated a bunch of white and asian chicks before ( probably cus women find me attractive for some reason). Anyways I prefer asians way more because of their attitudes, I mean a LOT of guys like being the stronger and depended on ( I know its stupid) white women seem to expect a LOT while asians are happy with essentials. BUT BE WARNED A TOOOON of asian women only act to get guys but if your get married they grab ou by the balls.
  73. Downtown's Avatar
    February 02, 2008 Reply
    finaly some intellegent being have much good insight into this complex issue!
  74. Midtown's Avatar
    March 03, 2008 Reply
    I agree,uptown's response was exquisite.especially the ending line.It was completely unexpected yet really delivered.Uptown is a modern day Socrates. If I had Godlike powers I would resurrect some of the past's greatest minds and bring some of the future's greatest minds to a think tank with Uptown. Imagine Socrates,Plato,Freud,Jung,Einstein,Salvatore Dali, Bill Gates,Ahmedjinestad,Thomas Edison,Confucious,BF Skinner, and Uptown discussing the ever important issue "why do asian females date white men?" Screw world hunger and human rights violations,wars and pollution those are just trivial compared to this issue
  75. Likka Yammamoto's Avatar
    Likka Yammamoto
    March 03, 2008 Reply
    I am Japanese female who is infatuated with Uptown .I always like smart man to Love.Uptown is Huge in Japan with teenagers. seriosly though this is not a jokey. always want to meet man who has refinement like Uptown.How can I a meet you Uptown?
  76. Unknowntown's Avatar
    March 03, 2008 Reply
    Guys like Uptown? are like housing districts; difficult to land your dreamhouse at because most probably they are already taken!!
  77. Blindswordsman's Avatar
    March 03, 2008 Reply
    Well I kinda find this interesting..because the idea of Asian Fetish is one of the things portrayed in the media. I also noticed that the ideal model of a White Male/Asian Female is shown also in the media in Asia. (I don't mean to go on a rant or off topic) I seen in media in overseas and in the country itself (I trying to disprove this) I found that majority of the mix couple are with white. It's nothing I got against white, but it seems that Black and Latinos are often ignored. So I blame the media (from here and overseas) for the stereotype of Of all people.
  78. Mercurial Georgia's Avatar
    Mercurial Georgia
    April 04, 2008 Reply
    Ah, the ever ignorant and derailing Concern Troll! Something is wrong with you, rape or fetish is NOT love. Love is good. I am against those who fetishize people and cause harm, and I'm against those who thinks that people who are getting raped have less of a plight than people who can't 'get laid'.
  79. Guilty as Charged's Avatar
    Guilty as Charged
    April 04, 2008 Reply
    I will freely admit that I have always found Asian women particularly attractive ever since I saw this cute Korean girl in my 99.9% white high school in rural Indiana. When I went to college, I was surrounded by beautiful women of all races who would turn my head but it was always the Asian girls that would spin my head in a complete circle. Why? I just find them to be more attractive. This was the case long before I ever saw my first asian porn or heard the crude comments made by friends regarding their imagined anatomical differences. I have dated women of all races but much prefer the Asian ladies. Their beauty is so alluring to me. I am on my second marriage to Asian women. My first wife was Korean. We were married for 16 great years until her untimely death. My current wife is Chinese. She is the brightness that reilluminated my life. Now, I know other men who seem to have their preferences as well in regards to mates. For instance, I have a friend who is on his third marriage and all three have been skinny red heads. I know a black guy who is always with big chested blonde white women. I have never seen him with any other type of women. I even know a white guy who has dated several black girls, all of similar appearance; tall, skinny with long straight black hair. All of this is due not to any stereotype or perceived anatomical difference but merely to the fact that these women are what each one of the guys finds attractive, what catches their eye. No reason to label it as a fetish, syndrome or other demeaning term. What would you say about an Asian guy who only dates Asian women? How about a white guy who only dates white women? Are they exhibiting a fetish, racism or simply a preference of some sort? I am sorry if Miss Fay has been exposed to some rude comments by a few white guys she has dated or been associated with. That is sad but not as sad as her generalization regarding those of us who simply for reasons that are hard to explain have a preference for the beauty we see in Asian women. Roses, carnations, tulips are all lovely flowers. Yet some of us prefer one over the other. Why? Who knows. As long as we properly care for our respective flowers, who is anyone to pass judgement?
  80. adam Mcbrain's Avatar
    adam Mcbrain
    May 05, 2008 Reply
    I am coining another syndrome myself .we will call it "IDIOTS" which is an acronym for: "Insecurity Disease of Identity of Origin Terrorist Syndrome" In my professional opinion you are afflicted with IDIOTS if you are guilty of inventing ignorant syndromes like AFFS to try to cover up your own insecurities or prejudice..If you are a scum of the earth with IDIOTS you may point your finger at any union of White male/Asian female coupling and assume that these two loving consenting human beings must have met through reasons other than pure natural blissfull attraction.If you have IDIOTS you probably have subaverage intelligence and selfishly wallow in your inability to land any meaningful relationships of your own so you have alot of free time to think about and dwell on this bias while you intentionally tear a gap in the community fabric like a terrorist set against freedom and human nature.anyone who even suggests it should be wrong for a white male to favour an asian female is instantly guilty of IDIOTS and should be put on some mind numbing medication so their syndrome doesnt spiral out of control into a ritual or might ask "why?" because you are an idiot so let me explain.just because it personally bugs you it doesnt mean its wrong.there are billions of people with a billion different opinions of what is sexually attractive to themselves as a result of their life experiences and cultures pressures mixed with the way their brains intepret this data.and how their subconcious sexual preference unfolds is really not based on their concious controll.This is a natural instinct for how their brain trys to figure out what is the alpha type mate to mix his genes with to acheive optimum survival of his if you keep losing out you have to think what you are lacking and try to compensate for it so you can quit blaming somebody else (guys with so called "AFFS")for your owns insecurities and isnt fair and their are going to be some lopsided stats on what guy prefers what kind of woman and vice versa.its natural law and their is nothing you can do about it and if you try to you are going to create turbulance like this email I am writing you IDIOT
  81. Drew's Avatar
    May 05, 2008 Reply
    Yeah, you know why white guys go for asian women really?...cause they can't stand being treated so badly by white chicks. Asian ladies know how to treat their man. They are brought up to KEEP their man. By that I mean that why would a man like to find alternatives if at home he is being treated like a king. If his wife cleans, cooks and massages him when he is tired and is great in bed, then why wouldn't white guys go for them. White chicks are so hung up on sharing the load of domesticity that is just scares us white guys away. They like to be in contol in the bedroom too much also. Asian ladies on the whole like to be submissive in the bedroom. That's not to say that this is the case in every other aspect of their relationship. Asian Chicks Rule. and if you are a pucker faced white chick reading this, then just get a life and treat your man like he needs to be treated.
  82. Jamie's Avatar
    May 05, 2008 Reply
    First of all, about the comment above.. by Drew.. I cannot believe I read such rubbish, "Asian ladies know how to treat their man. They are brought up to KEEP their man" So what are you trying to say, white women are brought up to lose their men? Shut up and quit while you're behind. Anyway, what most of you people are seeming to miss is that the writer of this article is obviously generalising a great deal, two people from different races might be attracted to each other for a multitude of reasons, however, sexual preference for a girl of a particular race is a very known concept and yet some here are denying that it could even exist! Anyway, this particular preference (white guys for asian girls) is well documented, I suggest searching the matter on wikipedia and understanding the concept behind this before you start bombarding the writer with ignorant and biased views.
  83. Jame's Avatar
    May 05, 2008 Reply
    "..while you intentionally tear a gap in the community fabric like a terrorist set against freedom and human nature." - posted above by adam. Terrorists are against freedom? Where do you get fed this drivel? They fight for their own freedom
  84. mcbrain's Avatar
    May 05, 2008 Reply
    dont put words or ideas into my mouth.interpret them for yourself.I am neutral.personally I dont like the word "terrorism" it could be used as an adjective,verb ornoun so it is prone to be misinterpreted due to the interpreter's emotion condition.To me a terrorist is someone who is biased against cross cultural marriage and has enough hateful energy to bring it to a forum and try to hurt white males or asian females for having an honest relationship TERRORISM:(ter'er'riz'em) 1.the use of terrorizing methods 2.the state of fear and submission so produced 3.a terroristic method of governing or of resisiting government.
  85. Brandon Beatty's Avatar
    Brandon Beatty
    December 12, 2008 Reply
    Hey Lucy, I was ready your post and as a black guy, I'm sorry you meet some grade A a$$holes. THEY are the ones that needed to be watched constantly and tortured like they did to the innocent iraqis at abu grav prison. I'm glad that first of all, that you are ok and that they didn't make you a victim of a hate crime, and second you found out what they were really like under the facade. I do hope your next relationship is with a man That will RESPECT you for you and not just a F@#$%-ed sex fantasy. Take Care
  86. musicmojo's Avatar
    September 09, 2010 Reply
    I think there are various degrees of this "syndrome". It really comes down to the attitude of the couple. I think it comes down to how Male brains are wired. A woman with certain facial features will trigger the male brain a certain way. Certain measurements of distances on the face constitute "beauty". Everyone can generally agree a woman is beautiful based on this scientific result. For me, understanding how different cultures behave is more important than just looks.
  87. Kitsune 901's Avatar
    Kitsune 901
    October 10, 2010 Reply
    personally im from indiana too and i can kinda agree with what your saying lol because for me I like japanese women and we should not go off what someone has said and know its whats on the inside that counts or unless that person was completely bitter
  88. benglishtea's Avatar
    October 10, 2010 Reply
    Had to stop reading the comments posted here. Yeccchh! So many hateful people leaving comments. . .Well, on with my comment about your article: The only criticisms I have are these 2: 1) The "good" guys who date Asian women aren't represented in this article, so it somewhat comes across as being a bit one-sided in that regard. 2) I find the language of the article to be overtly harsh at times and unnecessarily vulgar (seems odd to me to complain about guys who make rude comments while using vulgar language). Those 2 points aside, I will commend the fact that you recognize these men and do your best to stay away, and for those Asian women who may not have experienced these types of crappy guys, it may do some good for them to read this (assuming they don't completely avoid white males altogether). On the last note, you mentioned when a guy would say, "You oriental girls are kinky." and then "I grind my teeth underneath a fake smile as I walk away." I can't believe that you would actually put up any kind of smile at all if a bozo were actually dumb enough to say such a thing. Why not kick him? Why not tell him off and put him in his place? Why smile and walk away from that? I never even said that to my wife! lol Of course, our relationship was a different story, too. :/ Ultimately, whomever you date, best wishes to you. By the way, I really LOVE Chinese food. (just kidding, don't kick me)
  89. testguy's Avatar
    October 10, 2010 Reply
    ter·ror? [ter-er] –noun 1. intense, sharp, overmastering fear: <em>to be frantic with terror.</em> 2. an instance or cause of intense fear or anxiety; quality of causing terror: <em>to be a terror to evildoers.</em> 3. any period of frightful violence or bloodshed likened to the Reign of Terror in France. 4. violence or threats of violence used for intimidation or coercion; terrorism. 5. <em>Informal.</em> a person or thing that is especially annoying or unpleasant. I think we can safely assume that you are not filled with anxiety or fearful for your life over the reading of this article, mcbrain. Likewise, no violence or bloodshed has been threatened. In fact, of the five meanings listed, only the fifth (informal) one has any bearing on your situation. However (one feels obliged to point out) this watered-down meaning is equally germane to the author's own situation; i.e. she wrote about something that annoys her. So you are both annoyed. Big woop. Using words like "terror" or "terrorism" to describe being annoyed is about as hyperbolic as it gets. So much for your neutrality.
  90. Anonymous's Avatar
    November 11, 2010 Reply
    <b>This Asian Boy speaks on Dating White Women</b> How about Asian men who have a fetish for white girls? If Asian guys were going out with white girls more this forum wouldn't be so crazy. The problem is that Asian guys are wussies (yea, I said it) They need to learn the art of the flirting again..from Asian guys who just "get it" <b>Where Can You Find These Guys?</b> ==><b><a href="">Asian Pimp Status</a></b>
  91. Anonymous's Avatar
    January 01, 2011 Reply
    What asian girls really look like: Before and After makeup:
  92. stefan's Avatar
    February 02, 2011 Reply
    WoW Jaymie you must be dating the wrong white guys...maybe you like the big strong and dumb types or the kinky types like yourself because I have been dating and was married and have a beautiful son to one Indonesian woman and I’m just about to marry again a Korean woman and all the women that I’ve been dating for the last 12 years have all been Asian and I have never had or have never approached them on the levels or said the things that have been said to you about Asian, Oriental points that you have been approached by? maybe you instigate that sort of conversation or tease you must be an intimidating type of woman more talk than action and of course guys get frustrated with you because all you do is talk and by your article here I can see why you are so out of luck and out of tune with the white guy...wake up and look at you’re self instead of blaming it on the white guys and the usual Asian prejudices ...this is my remedy for you...good luck Jaymie but further you stick with the Asian guys because the white guy is not for you!
  93. jaymie's Avatar
    February 02, 2011 Reply
    actually I was not the author. I added the article. Sandra Fey wrote it.. I just posted.. :)
  94. Harold's Avatar
    June 06, 2011 Reply
    I find it hypocritical for East Asian (yes, Oriental, don't say Asian and then exclude South Asians, for we find that very offensive too) women to complain about yellow fever, considering that the only ones they date which are not East Asian are whites. How many East Asian women do you see with South Asian men - in other words Oriental women with Desi men (please don't say Asian, when you really mean to say East Asian, as we Indians find that very offensive and ignorant also). White men can be found with women of all races, but East Asian women can almost always be found with either men of their race or with white men. Can we say the real issue is WHITE FETISH. Why have a double standard and accuse white men of yellow fever, when you have WHITE FEVER. Until I see East Asian women dating non-white men, such as Indian men, I will say that most of these women are WHITE FETISHISTS.
  95. herbysan's Avatar
    July 07, 2011 Reply
    god made different races.. we all are the same under our skin, besides its nice to have the option to pick a flavor you like... be it white,yellow,brown,black... so relax if you see something you like go 4 it!!!!
  96. herbysan's Avatar
    July 07, 2011 Reply
  97. MaiQBui's Avatar
    January 01, 2012 Reply
    I would like to comment on this because I am not attracted to white men whatsoever. Yes it is rare for <B>Asians</B>(yes, I am going to use the word Asian in this context because it is the proper word to use) to date other races such as Middle Eastern, Latino or Black men, but they do exist. I am attracted to Asian men, I am not going to deny that. Its because I feel comfortable around Asian men. But I am also attracted to Black guys. So this White Fetish that you claim that all Asian women have is <B>not</B> true.
  98. Meiberry's Avatar
    February 02, 2012 Reply
    Hilarious post. I think that as long as people are respectful, it's ok to like what you like, but if a guy with "yellow fever" says: "is it true you guys have the tightest *bleeps* - then that's just ignorant. But even that's subjective; suppose my boyfriend is black...and I said: " is it true you guys have the biggest *bleeps* - he might take it as a compliment. To each is own, respect one another.
  99. Boca Raton CPA's Avatar
    Boca Raton CPA
    December 12, 2012 Reply
    Hahaha... Asian fetish syndrome.... im guilty of that one. <a href="">Boca Raton CPA</a>
  100. canC's Avatar
    January 01, 2013 Reply
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  101. canC's Avatar
    January 01, 2013 Reply
    I have been dating and was married and have a beautiful son to one Indonesian woman and I’m just about to marry again a Korean woman and all the women that I’ve been dating for the last 12 years have all been Asian<a href="">canC</a>
  102. Anonymous's Avatar
    January 01, 2013 Reply
    Im asian and maiqbui is racist. I love white men and I think they would not fetish you at all. alot of my asian girlfriend date mostly white men~~~ so its kinda true that there is a attraction between asian woman and white men~~~
  103. jacek's Avatar
    June 06, 2013 Reply
    I couldn't agree more, asians are soo beautiful... <a href="" >Web Url</a>
  104. Rob Steir's Avatar
    Rob Steir
    June 06, 2013 Reply
    I couldn't agree more... <a href="" >Visitar</a>
  105. Anonymous's Avatar
    June 06, 2013 Reply
    Thinking that's a good thing you don't like whites. Your kinda racist as a few people have said. As a Asian american woman I think that all races have beautiful people. And to call it a fetish is foolish. Lots of my girlfriends love dating white men. That's all they date. So relax and don't bash white men. I love them myself.
  106. MaiQBui's Avatar
    July 07, 2013 Reply
    I'm not saying it isn't true to some extent. <B>I'm </b>not attracted to white men. It does not mean I don't have white friends. I said not ALL women like white men and I happen to be one of them. My comment was not to stir any trouble. I'm simply stating that I'm more attracted to Asian men as to white men. Just because I'm not attracted to them does not mean I can't be friends with them. If you like white men, that's fine. More power to you, that still doesn't change the fact I don't like white men nor does it make me racist. Some of my closest friends are white.
  107. herbysan's Avatar
    July 07, 2013 Reply
    Totally Agree With MaiQbui~~~ Your Not Racist Mai~~~ I'm Like You~~~ I Don't Prefer White Women~~~ Well~~~ Maybe Just a Few That I Would Probably Date~~~ But The Flavors That I Tend To Lean Towards Are Asian, Spanish, Indian, Etc~~~ So As You See~~~ It's Just My Personal Preference~~~ Again~~~ If You See a Flavor You Like~~~ Go 4 It~~~
  108. MaiQBui's Avatar
    July 07, 2013 Reply
    Herbysan, I think that's a better word. My preference is Asian men. :)
  109. Anonymous's Avatar
    July 07, 2013 Reply
    Be Careful MaiQbai~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Might Hire a MakeUp Artist To Make Me Look Asian~~~ Then You Will Be Mine~~~ Just Kidding Mai~~~ And Yes~~~ Preference Is Better~~~ Peace~~~
  110. herbysan's Avatar
    July 07, 2013 Reply
    Wooops~~~ Forgot To Log In~~~ That's My Post Above~~~ Hangover Today~~~ Oh Me~~~
  111. Rahat's Avatar
    August 08, 2013 Reply
    It will become a disaster oneday. We should never cross our limit.
  112. Eduardo's Avatar
    December 12, 2013 Reply
    the Asian fetish is commonly ascribed to White males who serial date Asian women. <a href="">address</a>
  113. alex's Avatar
    January 01, 2014 Reply
    <a href="">my explanation</a> would be that you really like asian girls. hehe
  114. poppox's Avatar
    August 08, 2014 Reply
    I am confused - I though we are kind of kinky - lol
  115. Anonymous's Avatar
    September 09, 2014 Reply
    The world knows that Asians are a kinky breed. Billions survive today because Asian woman love to breed. Its a huge gap between other races. So that shows your right poppox! Asian woman are kinky!Can't get enough of it, So why not cash in on it! Just look at Nancy! She's been around the block a few times. As a black man myself I know that she bangs blacks the most. Once you go black you never go back!
  116. keramiek tafelblad's Avatar
    keramiek tafelblad
    November 11, 2015 Reply
    I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good. This is a great article thanks for sharing this informative information. Its really good article i fully read this content..

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