Brenda's Song: Homecoming Warrior
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Brenda's Song: Homecoming Warrior

Packed with spectacular martial arts action, adventure and laughs, "Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior" is the story of an all-American suburban girl who learns to accept her warrior destiny and embrace her ancient heritage. Packed with spectacular martial arts action, adventure and laughs, "Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior" is the story of an all-American suburban girl who learns to accept her warrior destiny and embrace her ancient heritage.

I just did a promotion for Disney where I'm talking about my heritage, just setting things straight. It's really nice because a lot of questions do come up about it (heritage) and a lot of people don't know where it is.

Brenda Song

Wendy Wu is an average, popular American teenager and then suddenly, her life is turned upside down by a visit from a young Chinese monk who claims she is the reincarnation of a powerful female warrior -- and the only person who can prevent an ancient evil spirit from destroying the world. But when she receives this news, Wendy is already locked in mortal combat... in a no holds barred battle for Homecoming Queen with her high school archrival, Jessica Dawson. Faced with these two underhanded opponents, Wendy has no choice but to take a stand.

Starring is Brenda Song, best known to fans of Disney Channel's hit series "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" as London Tipton, the hotel owner's spoiled daughter. She also starred in three Disney Channel Original Movies: "The Ultimate Christmas Present," "Get a Clue" and "Stuck in the Suburbs" and in a recurring role as Tia on Disney Channel's "Phil of the Future." Song is joined by Shin Koyamada ("The Last Samurai") as Shen, the young monk whose responsibility it is to prepare Wendy Wu for the ultimate battle.

Brenda Song

According to Shen, Wendy is a reincarnated Yin Warrior, the only person who can defeat Yan-Lo, an evil spirit who attempts to conquer the world every 90 years. Popular high school student Wendy Wu is a shoo-in for Homecoming Queen until her longtime nemesis Jessica Dawson throws her hat in the ring. If it isn't bad enough that she must compete with a girl who's been stealing her moves since second grade, Wendy now must grapple with the fact that her fate is to save mankind.

Shen begs Wendy to don a powerful amulet that will protect her from evil until he can train her in kung fu. Appalled by his obvious lack of fashion sense, Wendy is too busy campaigning for Homecoming Queen to be bothered with rescuing civilization.

Wendy's traditional grandmother knows that Shen is speaking the truth; after all, her mother was the previous Yin Warrior who 90 years earlier defeated Yan-Lo in China. But Wendy, her brother Peter and their parents have lost touch with their Chinese heritage. Faced with the choice between fighting evil and going shopping, Wendy is off to the mall in a heartbeat with her best friends Tory and Lisa.

But Yan-Lo soon materializes and sets out to destroy Wendy before she can attain her full warrior abilities. In quick succession, the dark spirit possesses Wendy's brother, her principal, her dog, her girlfriend, her teachers and even (as if she weren't evil enough already) Jessica Dawson. As Shen's martial arts training unleashes Wendy's inner heroine, the malevolent apparition steps up its efforts and forces a final showdown with Wendy - ” during Homecoming! (Disney)

ASIANCE Magazine spoke with Brenda as soon as she returned from New Zealand where she was shooting Wendy Wu!


Brenda Song


ASIANCE: Last time we spoke your mom was battling Breast Cancer. How is everything?

Brenda: She's good! She's doing a lot better. She's good now.

We just moved right before we went to New Zealand, so my mom and I are still furniture shopping and doing all that fun stuff. I haven't really had any time off. So this is kind of my time sitting at home watching TV. I'm getting headaches from watching so many re-runs. Going out, buying CDs because I felt I was so out of the loop. I'm just trying to get back in the hang of things. And it's nice to just be back at home and not have to wake up early. Just be a teenager and be on the phone for hours and do nothing..oh and do my makeup for no reason.



ASIANCE: How was it filming this movie?

Brenda: We wrapped it in the beginning of March. It was so much fun! It was definitely a different side for me. A part of me that a lot of people didn't know about is that I do martial arts. It's something I've done for a long time. It's a passion of mine I love. It's just something for me to learn and grow into. Every shot is beautiful. It's tranquil. The crew was wonderful. It was so nice to get out of LA for awhile since I'm such an LA girl. We had so much fun!



Brenda Song


ASIANCE: Did you identify with Wendy?

Brenda: I did. I actually learned a lot from her. Just playing her and seeing how a 16 year old girl kind of lost her heritage because she got caught up in everyday life. It just made me think twice. And when people ask about my heritage, I truly want them to know. Playing Wendy I thought, "Oh my god? Have I done that?" I know the basic gist of all the times my grandmother was telling stories and we'd say, "Oh grandma not another one!" For me, the Hmong people, we don't have a written history. It's all been word of mouth. We don't have anything written down. All I have are stories that my grandma tells me, that my grandpa tells me, that my uncle tells me. For me, I really identified with Wendy because I don't want to not know where I came from. Wendy for me was a real character. She wasn't exaggerated like the other characters that I played. She was going through what I go through. She's having a hard time prioritizing her life, understanding what's right and what's wrong, getting caught up in peer pressure and at times she is so miserable and at other times so happy. She's just going through life. That was fun for me to pull a different part of me, not the fantasy part of me, the shopping part of me but a part of me down in the gut and use that towards what I'm doing. It was a nice change of pace.




ASIANCE: How was it working with Shin?

Brenda: Working with Shin was amazing because he was so wonderful in The Last Samurai. The funny thing is I've never actually seen the movie until I was in New Zealand. It was almost the last day and I had to watch it. I watched it and Shin made me cry like three times. It was really, really fun. It's great where there's a movie not so focused on the acting but the martial arts part of it. It took up so much time. We shot an action film in 24 days. It was insane. I learned so much from it. I learned a lot about myself and about what I can do and what my limitations are and how far I can push myself. But it was a wonderful experience and if I could do it again I would. I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do




Brenda Song


ASIANCE: Shin kept up with you?

Brenda: OMG we both trained once or twice a week about 3 months before the movie. We learned each others strengths and weaknesses. We really learned to trust each other. It was really nice because if Shin knew I was uncomfortable about something he would always make sure my ankle was ok because I have a really bad ankle. I actually sprained it prior to the movie. Shin was always watching out for that. We would always stretch together and make sure that we were ready. We were in this together. It's great to have someone watch your back and to know there was someone that was going to be there to drag me along the way.




ASIANCE: Did you bond with anyone else on the show?

Brenda: We had such an amazing cast. Ellen Woglom, who played my rival was really sweet. She was really, really sweet... so refreshing. Shin did become like my older younger brother. He is older than me. My little brother came with me and they totally bonded and I thought, "Oh my gosh he reminds me of my 15 year old brother!" It was really nice. It was truly a big family there. We did a lot of night shoots. We did a lot of work and a lot stress but when it came down to it all, it was great to have a support team.





ASIANCE: Are people more aware of your Hmong heritage?

Brenda: I just did a promotion for Disney where I'm talking about my heritage, just setting things straight. It's really nice because a lot of questions do come up about it (heritage) and a lot of people don't know where it is. I'm proud of where I come from and who I am because it is who I am and I wouldn't be here without all that. The people before me came here and I wouldn't be here without them. I'd be happy to answer any questions that come along.





ASIANCE: Is there something in life that you want to do but haven't done yet?

Brenda: I'm so laid back and I really live life day to day. I just want to live life to the fullest whether that's skydiving one day or learning how to ride a motorcycle or going to Italy for a year.




Brenda Song


ASIANCE: So you skydived?

Brenda: Ha. I want to someday. It would be really fun and something totally crazy and out of character. I'd be scared out of my mind but I want to try it. I want to overcome my fear because I don't want to live a life in fear.




ASIANCE: What are you going to do now since you are done shooting?

Brenda: I'm actually right back on The Suite Life! I did the Suite Life, I left for 5 weeks and then I came back. I'm actually on hiatus right now. It's so wonderful to come back to The Suite Life and it's so wonderful to come back to your family. You just feel so wonderful to come back to people who care about you and you care about them. No matter what happens they are always behind you and support you. I'm so lucky because that's what I have over there... . A big Suite Family!





ASIANCE: What's going to change for London this time around on The Suite Life?

Brenda: Well she's grown so much. The Suite Life has become much more of a family. We have a lot more story lines for Ashley and I. It's been really fun. We just did a health and fitness episode which was so much fun and focused in on a lot of insecurities that girls have. She's grown. She and Maddie don't really have a love hate relationship anymore. It's more as a sister relationship. She's created a stronger relationship with Carey who's now kind of become her mother and she's made the tie with Mr. Moseby stronger who has clearly become her father figure. In a sense she's grown up a lot in this next season?





ASIANCE: Is the last season?

Brenda: Oh we don't know yet. This is the last season that we're scheduled for but who knows?




Brenda Song


ASIANCE: Everyone is getting so big!

Brenda: Yeah oh my goodness the twins are getting so tall. They doubled their size. They're almost as tall as me so that's pretty scary.

We've been so lucky. I've put so hard work in London that we've been fortunate that it's done so well. Whether it bombed or did well it really didn't matter to us because we worked so hard. We really enjoy what we do. We have a wonderful team of writers, producers, crew, hair, makeup, everybody. We have so much fun and that's all that really matters to us.




ASIANCE: Are you going to school?

Brenda: Actually I took this semester off. Everything is just so much right now. I want to put everything into it and not overwhelm myself. I'd rather be really great at one thing rather than just ok at everything. I'm already ahead.





ASIANCE: You're going to go away right?

Brenda: Yes well it won't be four years but it will be nice to go somewhere and explore a different side of myself.





ASIANCE: Any plans to get into Hollywood movies?

Brenda: Well right now Disney has been so good to me. To give me my starting role in this movie is so wonderful. I'm taking it one project at a time. I don't like to jump too ahead of myself. It was so hard to one day focus on London and the next day quite literally get into this whole mentality of Wendy and then back to London. So I just want to worry about each day doing my best and not worry about what I'm going to do 6 months from now. Who knows what the future holds? I hope to get another job after. I enjoy it so much.





ASIANCE: So you're a pioneer!

Brenda: It's definitely changing. It's still very hard and very limited. It's so much more open than it was 5 years ago, even 2 years ago. People are starting to get the idea that people come in all shapes and sizes and it doesn't really matter. They want to be able to relate to who they are. Growing up I never saw any Asians on TV and that could be discouraging in so many ways to wonder, "Why am I not good enough?" or "What's wrong with me why can't I be on TV?" So that pushed me and drove me harder to do what I do. All I want to do to keep working!

Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior premieres June 16 at 8 pm on The Disney Channel



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  1. Anonymous's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    I love Brenda Song. Finally she is getitng more recognition. Thanks to her, I am loving more Asian (chinese) things... and I am not even Chinese but I love many countries. :D I love to read her positive messages which are so encouraging for anyone of any age.
  2. VanG GirL's Avatar
    VanG GirL
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Nyob zoo Brenda! You are talented, beautiful, and inspirational!<br /> <br /> Although I’m in my early twenties and live by myself, I have to admit I still watch “Suite Life” just to see you. I love your work. Keep it up! I’m very much looking forward to “Wendy Wu”… I’m so excited. <br />
  3. Emmeline's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    I am Chinese-American and I have to say I am very excited about this movie. Brenda Song is a great role model and I really look up to her. She has showed me that even previously discriminated peopl (such as Asians) can do great things as well.
  4. Anthony's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Brenda Song is so Beautiful. I only watch "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" just to see her. She's a great role model to Asian Americans. Can't wait to watch her new movie! Love, Anthony
  5. Angeli iLegNa267's Avatar
    Angeli iLegNa267
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    i reaLLy loVe hEr.. so MucH.. hOw i wiSh hEr moVieS aRe sHown hEre iN tHe pHilipPinEs.. she's really a very beautiful lady.. love you girl!
  6. Hmong Boy's Avatar
    Hmong Boy
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Nyob Zoo Brenda Song. You are the greatest! Keep up the good work and great spirit in you. You are such a wonderful person that shines to many of us Asain especially the Hmong. I know many may not even heard of the Hmong until now and they finaly realized that Hmong people are talented and beautiful. I love you lots and hoping to meet you someday.
  7. Sean's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Hiya, i've just started getting into acting and you're like an inspiration! lol. Seeing how young you was when you first started acting really makes me push myself to go one step further. You're also an amazing actor, and i hope to be half as good as you by the time i'm you're age! thanks Sean
  8. ntxhoov kwm's Avatar
    ntxhoov kwm
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    whoa..that's cool...brenda xiong is hmoob..hehe i am too...i am proud that she is doing very good in acting..finally...a hmoob of luck to you brenda xiong!!
  9. MOUA LEE's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
  10. Lorisa's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Hey Brenda! I Learned about your Heritage and it said that you are part Hmong and you came from Laos! Gues what! I am Laos! Some day I would like to met you in person! Peace Out!
  11. Jessica Brookes's Avatar
    Jessica Brookes
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Hey Brenda! Hows it going? I really want to watch "Wendy Wu. Homecoming warrior." Because anything with you in it I have to watch! I love your charectar in "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. Write me back please.
  12. Megan Anderson's Avatar
    Megan Anderson
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    I love all of the movies that you made. I can't wait until "Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior" comes to Disney Channel. But, my favorite thing that you star in is "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" because you are so hilarious with you staying in character! Buh Bye! Write me back! Later.
  13. Dan's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    I am so in love with you. I wanna go to LA and find you and chill
  14. ryan's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
  15. Crystal's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    OMG! Brenda is supper cool and supper good at acting. i'm a big fan of herz. lolz =] *screams* I LOVE BRENDA!
  16. Paul's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    its always nice to see Asians doing big things!
  17. Ragina's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Just wanted to tell you that I think that you and Shin should get together. I mean, when your old enough, and if your parents let you. Anyways. The way you described him was awesome. If your little brother gets along with him thats a very big plus! My current boyfiren hit it off with my lil' bro' and we finally met. Then on 4th of July he was like,Oh, let ME get that for you. Let ME do this for you. Would you like this? Can I buy you this? And stuff like that, then we wer'e on the dock and the fireworks were going off and he leaned over to kiss me. It was my first kiss! Even if you don't like Shin that way or not until later I hope you get to have a romantic moment in your life, like me.
  18. Christine's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Ragina, I agree, but Shin has a girlfriend. Did you read his article? Brenda comments on here so let's ask her. ha ha. Brenda would you date Shin if he didnt have a girlfriend? Hit us back!
  19. sean's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    sorry about that! it wouldnt work so i kept trying! :(
  20. mike's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    thanks for this article
  21. mike's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    i agree brenda is great
  22. yer's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    hey brenda im hmong too. my dad said he thinks your a xiong is it true if it is then were cusind im a xiong to. read hmong- kuv hlub koj not literaly but your my idol.
  23. jasmine's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
  24. jasmine's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
  25. nicky vang's Avatar
    nicky vang
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    i know you have a lot in your hands. i just want to say thank you for showing the other side of the world that we people do exist and there are probabley other nationalities out there not known yet. i may not speck much hmong or know many hmong people, like you i'm proud to be a hmong because theirs a person like you to prove others wrong. i love you and this is the first time i've ever tried looking for you. <br /> <br /> ps there's someone one come who wants to be like you i think...that's why i serched for you...just see if its really you , but your tobusy. well, just email me back. oh yeah, my boyfriend of 4 years has a huge crush on you. if you want to check us out here's a site where you can....<br /> <br /> <br /><br /> take care and have a great time and it to the fullest...<br /> <br /> because you i'm pround to be hmong.
  26. Tate Ip's Avatar
    Tate Ip
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Hi My Name Is Tate Ip. I am chinese (cantonese) its good being asian because were smart :) srry that was a stereotype comment. But in certain subjects we are. I was born in america and Live in Palm Springs California. Watching you is kinda like watching a big sister representing the country of Asia and America i wish the best the luck of your life and health.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Bye and Talk to you later<br /> One of your fans Tate
  27. lacian gordon's Avatar
    lacian gordon
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    you are my idol Iwatch you everyday on Zack and Cody. Ilike the way u dress.I am a girl and I think u are one of the most beautiful girl in the world.You can give me a call at 18764387136.<br /> <br /> Bye Brenda
  28. sandriece's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    HI<br /> my name is sandriece.I watch u in the suit life of zack and cody.Brenda I will use these words to discribe u beautiful,sexy and funny.And brenda I cant wait to watch ur movie and I forgot to tell u that I am a girl.<br /> <br /> I LOVE YOU GIRL
  29. Lily's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Hi Brenda, I watch you on TV with my kids all the time. You are an amazing girl. You are everything, your beauty and personality. I am proud to know you as part of Hmong heritage and I am proud to be Hmong I did not know that you are Hmong until my daughter mention to me but by watching you on tv show I noticed you look different I suspected you might be Hmong but just can not proved until I know for sure. I am Hmong but I don't look like hmong. Well, keep up the good work, stay young and enjoy ife. Hope to meet you someday.
  30. Jhamaica's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    I love brenda's style and I love how she does her makeup..........
  31. BrendaFan's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Brenda, I saw your interview this morning Thrus. June 15, 2006 and I loved the responses you gave to the news anchors. Very professional and it shows that you truly love what you do, acting. You are a unique girl and I'm proud of you. Don't ever change girl and I mean that, hehe. God bless ya always and your loved ones. :)
  32. PoPtArTs's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    hey brenda i found out ur family was from laos <br /> wow! my family is from there as well and thailand this is so amazing.i saw you on disney channel talking about ur heritage i can so relate on the outfits lol<br /> well be proud of who you are and don't forget of who you are and dont forget about ur heritage
  33. angel's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    I cant wait for your movie.
  34. mia soleilpramagnafor's Avatar
    hey brenda. you teach us alot about our culture in you movie. i also love your fashion sense and i love you and the way you act. it's beautiful that you teach many people alot about your heritage and otherz. maybe you should shoot a film in my contry so others and see what it it like az of being a NDN. i love you write me back later!
  35. kRIS's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Isn't Brenday so cool?!!! She's like the hottest Asian star on TV today! She's cute, funny and so cool!
  36. shirley's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    i like brenda a lot. but i'm here to talk about the movie. i thought it was great but i was so mad at the end. i thought they planned a kiss scene for brenda and shin. i mean y did she talked about his girlfriend and got jealous when what's-her-name kissed shin? come on, put a little romance in it<br /> brenda i love you!!! oh shin i love you too!!
  37. Michael's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    You are one great actress and you rock! YOU ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO<br />
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    June 06, 2006 Reply
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    June 06, 2006 Reply
    I loved "Wendy Wu" but I hoped they would show Brenda and Shin get together and kiss ... even though I got to see the ending first, I then saw the whole movie I recorded and thought it felt it would be nice to see that. :( Shucks. Oh well, still cool movie. I would love watching it again!<br /> <br /> The way Brenda acted in the movie as "Wendy" reflects not only on Asian-Americans but also to other cultures I imagine that live here in the United States. It's easy to forget about one's background but it's good to be reminded not to because it is beautiful to know where you come from and the culture. Rock on Brenda! :) Seems this movie made us all think where we come from ;) Kudos to the writers or whoever wrote the story.
  40. t.s.      nickname-luxor's Avatar
    t.s. nickname-luxor
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    well the title basically says it all,now this may sound weird but my biggest dream is to meet u,also,to all of u previous posters,congrats,u all hav sense,and apparently goodness in your hearts (unlike alot of ppl these days),<br /> <br /> also,brenda,if u ever read this i would very much like it if u could email me in your spare time :)<br /> <br /> and plz no1 else email me,plz..
  41. Lexie Chelf's Avatar
    Lexie Chelf
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    I love you Brenda. You are awesome. You are my #1 favorite actress. iwould love it if you could e-mail me in your spare time. Maybe you and me can even chat for a little while.
  42. Anonymous's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    (Quote) "The way Brenda acted in the movie as "Wendy" reflects not only on Asian-Americans but also to other cultures I imagine that live here in the United States. It's easy to forget about one's background but it's good to be reminded not to because it is beautiful to know where you come from and the culture. Rock on Brenda! :) Seems this movie made us all think where we come from ;) Kudos to the writers or whoever wrote the story."<br /> <br /> I just wanna correct and clear up what I meant. When I typed culture I meant race, not religion. There's only one true religion, Catholic. There's only one God. I was referring to "Culture and background" as race. Yes, I'm terrible at explaining stuff lol. Here's what I meant: No matter where we came fron whether Asia, United States, Antartica, etc., it is wonderful to be reminded certain customs from that country like food, good relatives, etc. <br /> <br /> Brenda Song is such an inspiration for being so positive. Thanks Brenda. God bless ya always and all of you. :)
  43. Anonymous's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Brenda as Wendy Wu inspired me to well, learn Tae Kwon Doe/Kung Fu. It seemes so cool and fun! It looks hard though, I love this movie as much as High School Musical and Shopping(and that's a lot of love)!!!
  44. Mary's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    In the movie, I thought Brenda was Shin's cousin. How was it possible that she liked Shin in the movie? Was it because they were far cousins, or was she just saying that she was his cousin? Anyways, I thought the movie was awesome! I thought Brenda and Shin looked so cute together! They should make a part two or something. =)
  45. princeofsparx's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    you are the greatest, i want you to get more and more famous and be on the big screen, you really worked your way up and I'm proud of you, hope you win the disney channel games, you are the greatest role model ever, you rock and that's coming from my heart, <br /> I also think your are very pretty and I'm only 11. You are the best.
  46. Desiree's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    I luv this movie and BRenda Song. After seeing the Movie Wendy Wu:Homecoming Warrior im more in t Asian culture/religion although im african-american but i always wanted to be Asian. Anyways Brenda Sng is now the girl who can do anything not the one that nly shs and thinks about herself.
  47. Big ben's Avatar
    Big ben
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    brenda is so cool i can,t take my eye off her
  48. tay96's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Brenda,<br /> <br /> I think every one can agree that you are such a role i am not Chineae but i want to just from wtching this movie.You are such an insporating.<br /> <br /> see you next time you biggest fan,<br /> tay96
  49. michelle's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    brenda guess wut i'm hmong jux like u...n i wish that i get to meet u in real life....also i never see a hmong gurl who is sooo popular on disneychannel u r the first one...did u kno that....well anyways i luv the movie that u did...the that says wendy wu homecomming warrior....well rite to u holla...!!!!..oh wait one more thing i wish i waz u...!!!!...u rock brenda!!!
  50. tay96's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Brenda,<br /> <br /> Every day I wonder who do i want to be and who's life do I want to live and everyday it's you life.After seeing this movie Wendy Wu:Homecoming Worrior people look up to you as doing anything and everything.<br /> <br /> see you next time,your BIGGEST fan,<br /> <br /> tay96<br /> <br /> p.s-good luck on the DIsney Channel Games,I'm rooting for the Blue.
  51. Yia Lor's Avatar
    Yia Lor
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    i have a dream that one day one of my hmong people will rise up and show the world that although we have no home...we still have faith and pride in ourselves...and we have talents that can compete with the rest of the world...i love you Brenda...hmong pride for life
  52. kavita's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    hey!!!!i just wanna say i love you brenda!you are an idol.the way u talk about your culture and heritage is soo amazing.i wish i could meet you,but sadly i live in trinidad.wendy wu was awesome!i love all the action and comedy,you and shin really were great!i watched the movie everytime since they ahve shown it and it rocks everytime!!!!!and shin koyamada i love you!!!!!!!!!you were sooo funny in wendy wu!and soooooo coooool!!and you are vey cute tooo!!!!!you rock!!!i love japan by the way!!!!!
  53. Emily's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    I love Brenda. I think she is VERY pretty and smart.
  54. geena see's Avatar
    geena see
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    I think that Brenda is cool. I luv her style. I think that she's a great actor and I really admire her very much!!.....<br />
  55. marissa see's Avatar
    marissa see
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    well..i think she is very prettie=D<br /> i like her style and i'm trying to watch all her movies=) i don't want to miss any!!! well ...
  56. Anri's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    I am Brenda Song's #1 fan She's My #1 celebraty now.<br /> I love you Brenda Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br /> <br /> <br /> PS I LOVED WENDY WU HOMECOMING WARRIOR!!!!! NOW I KNOW TO TAKE MY HERETIGE SERIOUSLY1! SO THANKS FOR THAT!!!!!
  57. sarah's Avatar
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    Hi brenda i watch you all the time. I just on e the meet dylan and cole danimals contest. i will see you and ashley and kim and phill too1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I CANT WAIT! well i will be there in 2 weeks!<br />
  58. amy lor's Avatar
    amy lor
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    hey brenday..omg ..i jux cant believe that your hmong..welp omg your mah idol..
  59. LiTT0BETH's Avatar
    July 07, 2006 Reply
  60. Geoffrey's Avatar
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    Brenda Song has the right moves to be a warrior princess. I also have a blkackbelt in karate. I want to start a record company called the Brenda Song record comany. Where anything goes. Geoff
  61. Katie's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    Brenda I think you are the best actress ever. I luv U so much! Your new movie was great, you and Shin were so funny in the movie. I luv you guys!!! :p
  62. Larry's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    You are the BEST!!!! I really want to meet you someday. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br /> :D
  63. MAT's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
    I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CALL ME PLEASE 8600656
  64. MATT's Avatar
    June 06, 2006 Reply
  65. luvlylisa's Avatar
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    nyob zoo brenda xyooj! it's an honor for us (as hmoob) to have yet another face to say is one of ours. You are just as much of a role model as MN senator mee moua and rep. cy thao is to the hmoob. though having a whole group of people look up to u may be overwhelming I think you are doing a great job in following ur dreams. I wish you well and it's nice to see a cute sister on the tv screen every once in a while. Best of luck with everything that you do. -lisa
  66. Nicole's Avatar
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    I hope that Brenda will continue to forge the gap between Asian women (espeacially Hmong women) and the American culture. I am very happy to hear that a young lady coming from the same heritage as I am from is making things happen. Continue what you are doing and make a name for yourself. This is great that Hmong people are being recognized for thier talent.
  67. Tran's Avatar
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    hey brenda!u're new movie r GREAT!It's so cool that's ur asian too,but i'm not Hmong though.
  68. Lady Lo's Avatar
    Lady Lo
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    Brenda's the first Hmong actress to be known around the world by many of her fans, I'm proud of the fact that she's shinning some light onto our people, our way of life and our unwritten past. Keep up the great work.
  69. Bianca's Avatar
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    my is Bianca your e-mail Zack o cody o messender plis zenquiu
  70. hmong girl's Avatar
    hmong girl
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    nyob zoo!!! hey i always had a question to ask you what color hmong are you? hmong white, hmong green, hmong black? theres lots of more colors that i cant remember. but the color is on how you speek in hmong. well i wish i can meet you so yea. hope to see you soon MUAHS!!!!!!!!!! *^_^* -AMEE
  71. kierra's Avatar
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    brenda i think you are the most talented person i have seen.i am youre biggest fan.#1
  72. Just a Soldier's Avatar
    Just a Soldier
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    Wow. I would of never guessed that you were part Hmong. Keep up the fabulous work and good luck with things.
  73. Davida's Avatar
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    I think your fighting stance are awesome! Your just like me.An awesome fighter.
  74. some one's Avatar
    some one
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    omg god i just love love love brendas hair. it is so hot.
  75. Chao Lor's Avatar
    Chao Lor
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    I don't ever usually find the moment in time to watch television. But I had the chance the other day to finally see your new Disney Show. You were amazing and funny. I would like to express that I am so inspired by you recognizing your heritage. It is great to know that this movie has inspired you to be proud of who you are. You should be proud of yourself and your great accomplishments. Remain truthful and loyal to yourself and you will find yourself bless with many more opportunities. You are exceptionally talented and beautiful. Best of luck and wishes for you and your family, especially your mom.
  76. Yasenn Arsalan's Avatar
    Yasenn Arsalan
    July 07, 2006 Reply
    Brenda Song is the best actress ever and forever will be.her smile is a powerful coat of happiness that will shine for life.and i wish her success in everything.because thanks to her i found my motivation.
  77. Julia's Avatar
    August 08, 2006 Reply
    To: Brenda song HI!I am Julia, I hope I can be your friend!PLEASE . And please email to me! My From:Julia
  78. Li's Avatar
    September 09, 2006 Reply
    omg brenda song ur so cool i hope you can email me too my email is hope u can email me!
  79. Pauline's Avatar
    September 09, 2006 Reply
    Well im actuly thailand-canadain but she still is very good at encouraging asians to shoot for the stars and she is one of my favorite actresses!
  80. ryan 's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    I think you are so hot and i like you very much because are pretty and a good actress
  81. ryan's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    will you plz email me. i like you so much
  82. ryan 's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    you are so hot and i like you so much. plz email me.
  83. ryan's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    by the way i like your movie.
  84. amarah's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! im your biggest fan i cannt beleive im talking to you ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! bye best of luck with your career love amarah
  85. amarah's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    you need to email ryan before he goes out of his mine
  86. ali bongo's Avatar
    ali bongo
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    brenda song is very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  87. emzy's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    i just wanted to say hin i love the movie and i soooooooooooooooo wanna no where you got that gorgoues pink dress.
  88. victoria's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    what is your natrul backround are you chimese are you korean philapino or hawian what are you any ways I m your biggest fan later your best bud victoria
  89. victoria's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    are you asian or american .what do you speak at home and IM your latest fan bye
  90. Taekwondo Tuja's Avatar
    Taekwondo Tuja
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    The belt before black, is it brown or red in Laos? (i have the belt before black =P ) .
  91. mai 's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    sup, brenda I am hmong like you and i am your biggest fan ever by the way I me and mom loves your movie and my last name is xiong just to tell you the truth that I am hmong. sib ntsi dua, brenda
  92. pereni's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    Brenda Song is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and i like her so much.
  93. guygaybutwithstyle's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    well you are a good actress but i think that your hair is very ugly ... girl u better cut it well that is a sugeration jej
  94. peruanita te kiere's Avatar
    peruanita te kiere
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    te kiero ... aunq no t conosco me pareces una linda personita ... eres muy bella ... yo soy de peru ... espero que me entiendas pues no hablo nada de ingles ...!!! porfavor respondeme a mi email te lo ruego si? te quiero mucho mucho.... te deseo toda la suerte del mundo para ti y para tu
  95. sophiya's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    hi branda you r my best actress in the world love you sooooooooooo much
  96. pereni's Avatar
    July 07, 2007 Reply
    Hey watsup Brenda? How u doing? !!!!!!!!!!!!! Its me pereni again i just like u so much and i would like to talk to u everyday,and i would like to see u and have some ure magazines and pictures if u could send it to my house. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye.
  97. Sexymaz's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    Hi Brenda!Im your biggest fan & i would love 2 meet u!By the way,i love all ya Movies!!!!!
  98. yushaner jeffers's Avatar
    yushaner jeffers
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    breada you was amazing in the show and you rock the dress and you was the number one original movies for e disney channel movies i lve you and i hope i can see you some day because one of my dreams is because a star like you you are my role model
  99. allison's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    i love how u work in suit life of zack and cody ohhhh and in wendy wu
  100. joselin's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    eres mi fan numero unno si eres una china eres fabulosa porque me encanta todo lo chino me encanta como actuas en la serie de zack y codi me encantas como millonaria quisiera ser tu es sierto que tu novio antes era zac efron es guapisimo lastima que te dejo por ashley tisdale chao.
  101. Lilly's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    Hi Brend this is your # 1 Fan!! you rock!!! You are better than hannah Montana!!! You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lilly!!!*** : )
  102. annshatiya's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    im diggen yo pink and orange dress where did u get it
  103. cashmeire's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    hi brenda u are my idole i ove all of your clothes u had in the suite life of zack and cody i would wish i can have those clothes.
  104. Mai Moua's Avatar
    Mai Moua
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    I love Brenda Song. I didn't know she was Hmong since the last name doesn't stand out. But, I have been told i look like her so when i was watching the show right now i wanted to look at some pics and see what people saw between us. Well, i came across this and it is so interesting because i do know how she feels about losing who you are and where you come from. I know i'm not one to jump up and say yes grandma i would love to hear another story but i do love my heritage, and i am glad people are taking notice to us Hmong people.
  105. sonu's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    i love you . PLZ SAND THIS MAIL TO V. ROSSI THE DOCTOR 46 YAHAMAHA GOD/ PLZ SIR HELP ME /I AM A VERE POOR BOY PLZ HELP ME / FOR GOD SAY/ dear THE DOCTOR VALENTINO ROSSI i’m sonu and i’m your very biggest fan in the world and you never find in the world like me i am mad lover of your i’m in love with you don’t scared i mean you are my life and my ideal and i respect you too much i’m asian Indian and I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH MORE THAN YOU . i want to participate you i’m a very poor boy i mean i’m not in a position to participate but i’m very good bike rider like you if i got the chance so i come progresss ahead so well and if you help me i do fell good because whatever you want that always fulfil because JESUS is with you and his blessings just want one chance to progress ahead and i’ve confidane i do not make you hurt please help me i want to become VALENTINO ROSSI 2 and i want become your student because you are my master my age is 20 i’m slim like you and nobody is here to help me expect JESUS even i dont have any family support and i hope you sure help me. ONLY YOU CAN HELP ME my residence- jacob ratnam near gopal general stores rajatalab RAIPUR 492001 Chhattisgarh INDIA. MY phone no 07712420996 MY mobile 09425513909,09424216334. MY e-mail Thanking you with love sonu.
  106. lena's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    Hi! I'm Magdalena and I like You and Shin. Bye!
  107. merve's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    çok güzel bir bayan zaten ben çok severim çinlileri
  108. annie jackson's Avatar
    annie jackson
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    I love your show and I want to learn about this movie for drama class to help someone out becoming you for a actress. I hope you can help me.
  109. bailey-olivia's Avatar
    August 08, 2007 Reply
    i think brenda song is awsom i the she is th best actress ever watch zak and cody every day and i see you i luv u brenda/londen tiptop xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  110. Lauren's Avatar
    September 09, 2007 Reply
    Are you really Chinese? i thought you was japanese Lol
  111. shannon 's Avatar
    September 09, 2007 Reply
    hi brenda how's u ? i think u r soooo cool !!!!!!!!!!
  112. Xiongster's Avatar
    September 09, 2007 Reply
    shes my fan because i am also hmong plus i cant believe that shes hmong :0
  113. Angie Vazquez's Avatar
    Angie Vazquez
    September 09, 2007 Reply
    Brenda is the best OOooppss really is London who's kool i love her she's the funniest character the Suite Life has,put it this way London makes the show with out her there's no show keep up the good work. Hugs and kisses
  114. baikan bandali's Avatar
    baikan bandali
    September 09, 2007 Reply
    im your biggest fun brenda i want your e-mail this is my e-mail .
  115. victoria's Avatar
    September 09, 2007 Reply
    hi it's me victoria.b i love you show on the sweet life of zack and code. and i just want to say you rock i love your hair and all the things you do. i don't know but do u live in japan ? well if you do then congrats on comeing home going warrior. i was wondering if maybe u can come to canada to vist and maybe show me sime moves but if ur r in canada then it's up to you if you want to visit it's ok if u don't want to. oh ya one more thing i want to ask can u give me you msn or e-mail plz that would be so great but i think if you don't want to give me it thats ok cause it's up to you ok have to go bye bye. number 1 fan: victoria
  116. Angel vang's Avatar
    Angel vang
    September 09, 2007 Reply
    Hey Brenda i wanna say hi to you are the coolest actor ever
  117. Kornela's Avatar
    October 10, 2007 Reply
    masz coolowe foty :)!!!!!!!!1
  118. bob's Avatar
    October 10, 2007 Reply
    brenda is hot
  119. alysia  chaney's Avatar
    alysia chaney
    October 10, 2007 Reply
    you are a good actorest i want to be one my self how did you get to be one.
  120. ___lara,,]*'s Avatar
    October 10, 2007 Reply
    chia mencantas munchoo me encantaria tenes tu msn i abalr cn tigo sobre cosata cmo :en el amor, amigos....etc.pero me necantaria conocerte i ser tu amiga xau wapa tkm att;:___lara,,]*
  121. monika's Avatar
    November 11, 2007 Reply
    Brenda Song jest ?wietna. a zw?aszcza ten serial w którym zagra?a wendy wu
  122. MImi 's Avatar
    November 11, 2007 Reply
    When I was little i didnt really see a lot of asians on T.V and I wanna being a actress when i grow up, Act in Movie's~ and shows and just be myself :] . Im Chinese-Canadian ^^ and I hope I do these things when I grow up :D
  123. merve's Avatar
    November 11, 2007 Reply
    ? love chinese özellikle jackie chan i they are my scil chines and japans ? go to a day china (ben bir gün çine gidicem) :) they are beatiful but ?m any beatiful :D turkish and slant-eyed boys very comely do you which boys comely ??? in my opinion japans where are you? something interrogative under but ? anthing understand :D see you baybay (turkish in see you) scil(by)and/Bye) ok
  124. kiana's Avatar
    December 12, 2007 Reply
    i got all your posters at school.on my desk love..kiana you
  125. Jasmine's Avatar
    December 12, 2007 Reply
    I wish I was rich like you Because I Would like to be rich................................................................................................................................................................................please seen me a atougraph on the computer
  126. romina's Avatar
    December 12, 2007 Reply
    HeY Im rOmInA AnD I JuSt wAnTeD To aSk yOu wHaT YoUr nEw wEd? tHaT U hAVe i wHaN´T To lOg iN !!:)
  127. Hien's Avatar
    December 12, 2007 Reply
    I just want to say Hi. I'm one of your fan. Few people said i look like you but i didn't think i was until there a picture of me holding a sword and it just remind me of you in that movie Wendy Wu. <img src=""></img well i just can't wait until you have another movie. good luck with everything you do and stay HOT. I lOVE YOU GIRL
  128. Sandy Vang's Avatar
    Sandy Vang
    December 12, 2007 Reply
    Hey Brenda Song you are hmong just like me oh my goshh your a xiong right?? cuz my mom is xiong. well you are the best person i ever know in the movie.!! bye!! :p
  129. Patrycja's Avatar
    December 12, 2007 Reply
    I like film ,,Wendy Wu" !! I like Brenda Song! I like The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody!
  130. coral's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    hello! brenda is beautiful i am she like!!!!!!!!!!!!!bre?dzia!!!!!
  131. vanessa's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
  132.  katya's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    BrEnDa sOnG iS A cOoL GirL i love her so much she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty no way she is beautiful
  133. vanessa's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
  134. Vanessa's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
  135. julie og astrid's Avatar
    julie og astrid
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    Astrid og mig er dine STØRSTE fans vi elsker dig du styre juhuuu hvis du var dansker så ville vi have dit nr og så kunne vi være bedste venner we love you wendu eller skulle jeg sige brena song
  136. lauren's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    omg he is such an inspiration to me all her interviews make me like wow i want to be just like you when im older i think her personality is beautiful and her image is beautiful aswell i want her hair lol keep rocking girl peace out!!!! :)
  137. odis's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    can i have your number
  138. rachid's Avatar
    January 01, 2008 Reply
    hi how are you ? thats awesome to see ur film wendy wu , i do love it so much and also the caracter wendu wu is really chinese , looks like you bring me back to my life
  139. MUHAMMAD's Avatar
    February 02, 2008 Reply
  140. AshleyandBrenda's Avatar
    February 02, 2008 Reply
    a love a love Brenda Song and Ashley Tisdale
  141. Louise's Avatar
    February 02, 2008 Reply
    I luv Brenda Song she is the best actor ever and i have watched all her movies and i asked for Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior for my birthday.I also watch all the Zack and Codys and love watching you play London you play her sooooo well!!!!! you are the best and when I grow up I want to bbe an actor and hopefully I will get to meet you one day. Soon I am doing a show and im a mane part and im a little nervous but hopfully when im older I will be much more comfudent!!! bye I really love you lots !!!!!xxxxx
  142. Mikka Qiao's Avatar
    Mikka Qiao
    March 03, 2008 Reply
    ??Disney Channel??????????????????o(?_?)o
  143. kitty's Avatar
    April 04, 2008 Reply
    do you like anamaliz ......... or your celebrite life YOU RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  144. aishwarya's Avatar
    May 05, 2008 Reply
    brenda song just rocked it in wen wu . she was amazing . i just saw the movie and i am joining karate . i love both shin and brends
  145. SaraBeth's Avatar
    January 01, 2009 Reply
    Hi Brenda I have a question?How does it feel being in a movie?????????????????BY THE WAY YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  146. Anonymous's Avatar
    October 10, 2009 Reply
    hudoo.morm gledat.! :D a ste vi že? BYE BYE
  147. Katarina's Avatar
    October 10, 2009 Reply
    I LOVE U i have a question. how you learned those tricks that you used in the film? or you enjoyed shooting this film? l like this film and you.*
  148. 's Avatar
    March 03, 2010 Reply
    es muy linda y graciosa soy luna
  149. Anony's Avatar
    September 09, 2010 Reply
    Congrats on the movie! ^_^ You did a great job and I enjoyed watching it :)
  150. pkc's Avatar
    October 10, 2010 Reply
    ey brenda didnt know tat u knew hmong till i saw it on youtube. you are cute n pretty. you look like chinese

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