Skin Survival - The Power of Natural Spring Water
August 28, 2006 2

Skin Survival - The Power of Natural Spring Water

Change of seasons can be a tricky time for skin. Early September usually feels like summer with high temperatures and mugginess (at least in New York City). Oftentimes, dryer, cooler weather arrives suddenly and alternates with later spurts of unexpected heat and humidity, until we gradually settle into steadier fall temperatures. Such rollercoaster rides impact the skin, plus after months of frolicking on the beach, park or outdoor café, your skin is stressed from the sun. Your skin may be generally more sensitive now, break out easily, look splotchy, and feel rough or taut. Most people vow to take better care of their skin and make adjustments to their skincare routine. Whatever signs of stress your skin is starting to show, I have found one nifty little rescue device whenever skin starts acting up: Natural spring water spray. You probably have seen them before, spray cans in different sizes (pocket- to bathroom size), containing nothing but natural spring water that promises instant refreshment, revitalization and much more.


It was actually in Japan that I first came across Avène, my personal favorite, where its spring water spray has attained near-cult status.

Yoshiko Roth

Do these spring water sprays really work? Or could you just as well pour tap water in a plastic spray bottle? According to the companies and laboratories behind these natural wonders, not all waters are created equal. While tap water will certainly feel refreshing, certain spring waters indeed provide true benefits way beyond refreshment.

Curiously, all the famous brands of natural spring water spray I found are French: Evian, Vichy, Avène and La Roche Posay. Not surprising, since France is not only the land of fashion, style and good cheese, but also the land of thermal springs, each spring very different from the other, touting different kinds of benefits for health and beauty.


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Evian, from the French Alps (South-Easter France) may be the best-known brand of spring water spray available in the US thus far, thanks to the premier yet ubiquitous Evian drinking water. The company promotes the detoxifying and beautifying benefits of drinking Evian water. Certainly, spraying the same water on your face will feel good, but whether the spray delivers any significant skin benefits remains unclear. . Three other brands, Avène, Vichy and La Roche Posay, have made their way into the US in recent years, and in addition to their spring water sprays, offer entire skincare products that are widely available in pharmacies across Europe. Vichy draws its thermal spa water from the village of Vichy in the mountains of central France. While the company promotes the water's skin-soothing properties, Vichy's Thermal Spa Water is actually not recognized by French Health Authorities for dermatological treatment, but rather for stomach issues. Vichy water is heavily mineralized, which is supposed to fortify the skin. It is almost salty when you taste the water, and I have found it rather "hard" and drying, rather than soothing on my skin.

On the other hand, the natural spring waters of La Roche Posay (North-West of France) and Avène (South-West of France) are recognized by the Health Authorities for treating certain skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and burns. A big part of both brands are spa clinics in France where thousands of patients are treated every year for their skin conditions by bathing in and showering with their respective spring waters. Avène and La Roche are well-established in the dermatologist community for their extensive body of evidence that shows their respective water's effectiveness in treating various skin conditions. I have to admit that the waters of both Avène and La Roche Posay feel very different on the skin than tap water or bottled water do. They are not just refreshing but truly soothing. La Roche Posay emphasizes the high selenium content of its water, which is known as a potent anti-oxidant. Avène highlights the low, yet balanced mineral content of its water that soothe and soften the skin, as well as over 150 clinical studies that prove its anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation properties. It was actually in Japan that I first came across Avène, my personal favorite, where its spring water spray has attained near-cult status. Not surprising, since the Japanese firmly believe in the healing powers of thermal spring water and are particularly concerned with sensitive skin. Since my discovery, I have tried it as a remedy for all kinds of skin problems: Painful breakouts, hives, razor burn, plain blotchiness, and yes, mysteriously sensitive skin between the seasons. Somehow... it works. Whichever brand you choose, enjoy a beautiful September and use the power of water, inside and out, to get your skin through the rollercoaster ride.

Evian is available in drugstores and specialty stores. Avène, La Roche Posay and Vichy are available in select drugstores. Fore more information and store locations, visit

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  1. Mercurial Georgia's Avatar
    Mercurial Georgia
    September 09, 2007 Reply
    I used spray bottled evian, what my Aunt got me. The way I figured it, is, moisture is good for our skin...but we can't get it from tap water, due to the stuff that's been added to it, to make it safe for drinking. I /like/ getting rain on though, in the country side, where the rain water is soft but not /acidic/. My skin is always comfortably soft afterwards. Lately, I started using...rosewater in a spray (previously I only added it to flavour my tea), the distilled byproduct of essential rose oil, and, depending on brand, it can be pretty good.
  2. Marilyn's Avatar
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