The 72 Hour Film Shootout winners hosted by Suchin Pak - Can you find Suchin?
August 29, 2006 0

The 72 Hour Film Shootout winners hosted by Suchin Pak - Can you find Suchin?

Every year Asiance Magazine follows a team who participates in the 72 Hour Film Shoot Out which is sponsored by the Asian American Film Lab. Teams 72 hours to write, shoot and edit a film based on an appointed theme. This year's theme was "obsessive compulsive". Asiance Interns Daishiro and So Hyun followed team Pretty Sweet as they crammed in 72 hours of non-stop shooting and editing to make their deadline.


It's really cool!!


Pretty Sweet's movie is about an argument between a married couple who need to put their argument aside because they are spending their time at a friend's crappy apartment. They obsess over arguing and can't stop themselves from it even though they really like each other.

Daishiro, one of the interns following the team, states; "I didn't expect that making a short film could take such a long time. They worked for 72 hours almost without any sleep, but one guy said that they were really excited, so sleep didn't matter. It's really cool!!"

For more information on the 72 Hour Shootout see the Asian American Film Lab

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